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Paltinu  Lake – Romania

So, today I choose to write about me and my RedChilli exploring riding at the Paltinu Lake known as the “less known pearl of the Carpathians”.

This Turquoise colored lake is situated in Doftana Valley in which the river Doftana flows in until the Prahova river. It is a wonderful part of Romania, and very little known, almost secret and hidden to the Romanians. Probably locals from the Prahova county enjoy it more than travelers from across the country. It is located very close to the popular mountain resorts of Sinaia, Predeal and the rest, yet it is not as crowded, and to a certain point, it is even more rural.

Riding my Red Chilli trough Doftana Valley was a pleasure. The road I both encountered by twists and turns, uphills and downhill followed by flats too. On the serpentine road up to the 108 metre Paltinu dam, you will reach the lake, just before entering the Valea Doftanei village.

While cycling on the road, you can stop and drink from the natural springs which you can find on the side of the roads.

Route Information

Stats  31 km  386 metres

Refreshments & Where to Stay

There are ample places to choose from at nearby towns and around the lake itself.


A beautiful rolling ride, on excellent roads. It has long descents, and of course… long climbs – thankfully quite comfortable.


  1. Starting at Tesila near Brasov, head along the valley towards the lake, taking the DJ1021 road.
  2. Rolling gently for the first 7 km, the route then descends along the majestic lake, to the 15.5 km point where we turned around, after taking in the beautiful views. It’s up to you how far to ride and where and hen to  turn around.
  3. Simply reverse the route and climb back up to the car and head into Brasov for a different kind of adventure in the evening 😉

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