Lenzerheide to Arosa and Chur MTB Route


    Image from Sam Deiner, Unsplash

Lenzerheide and Arosa is the ultimate venue for mountainbikers. The two valley sides of Lenzerheide, ‘Red Peak’ and ‘Western Summits’, as well as the foothills to the north and south are the real trail paradise for mountainbikers to visit from all over the world. Probably the most famous bike park in Switzerland, the famed cross-country courses have already been in the spotlight at World Cups and World Championships and are open to everyone.

Using the cable cars and gondalos here, you’ll see that this a route that is filled with descents, allowing the cable cars to take the bulk of the climbibg for you. All that you ned is a thirst for adventure.

Route Information

Stats  46.5 km  1318 metres

Refreshments & Where to Stay

This is a mountain sports area, with ample choices for all budgets. Simply click the link here for lots of local advice – Click For Local Information


Don’t be complacent here, because this is a full on mountain route, which has areas of hike-a-bike, technical riding and the need for good navigation. With steep and fast technical descents, it’ll test the best of you, so be prepared. If you do have the right bike, skills and fitnes, then you’ll have the ride of your life 🙂

Image courtesy of ArosaLenzerheide.com


Every mountain biker should take a trip to Switzerland once in their lifetime. The valley around Arosa and Lenzerheide is a mtb paradise, with trails all around you, some new man made, but mostly natural tracks that cross all over the mountains, linked by numerous cable cars – many set up to carry bikes.

This ride is a relatively physical tour, needing a high degree of fitness and handling skills. It takes on some of the very best alpine singletrack trails in Graubünden, giving you ample reward for the long slogs to reach these epic descents. There’s navigation needed, and you should take note of the numerous mountain path signs along the way. Also, don’t set off in bad weather, as it can be brutal here. Take some food and drink with you, but you will find opportunities along this ride.

The ride begins by taking the cable car. Lenzerheide and Arosa are connected by a cable car called Urdenbahn. This aerial tramway was built in 2013 and is located between the Arosa Hörnli and the Urdenfürggli on the Lenzerheide side. It’s 1,682 metres (5,518 ft) long and surmounts just about 70 metres (230 ft) of altitude. The ride then starts with a technical descent from Rothorn towards Alp Sanaspans. From here it’s time for some mountainbikeneering (hike-a-bike) and a ride over three high alpine passes, before you reach a long and flowy descent to Arosa.

It’s time to relax now, and maybe grab a coffee, before taking the Gondola Hornli Express station and looking down on the new Hornli mtb trail as you ascend.

Finally, it’s time to follow the trails as they descend to Chur, finishing at the train station, where regular trains take you back to Lenzerheide.

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