Poris de Abona Tenerife

Poris de Abona- Tenerife

This short but scenic route takes you on a ride from Arico, through the windmills and the pretty coastal town of Poris de Abona, which is located in the southern part of the island. Time to simply relax and enjoy the ambience of this magical Balearic Island.Arico is one of the oldest and most beautiful areas on the island, steeped in history, with wonderful medieval houses all around you. The wildlife and flora and fauna is also superb, and the mountains are simply sublime, a climbers delight.

Poris de Abona,on the coast, has superb beaches too, and this ride allows you to simply chill down and take it easy.

I’ll definitely be back here cycling sometime, and adding more great rides for you 😉

Route Information

Stats  25 km  586 metres

Refreshments & Where to Stay

Villa de Arico is the most prosperous place in the area of Arico, but there’s good options all around the area. The place is also filled with great places to eat or to grab a quite bite to eat and a refreshing drink.

The small resort village of Poris de Abona is truly magical, with blue seas and beautiful mountains all around you. It’s a great place to stop cycling and rest a while.

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This is an easy and relaxing ride, with a nice descent to start things off, finishing with an easy and steady climb. Time to simply relax.


1.This is an easy ride, starting from Arico and following the narrow road down to the coast, passing the scenic and historical villages, then dropping to Poris de Abona.

2. Take in the ambience and have a break in the sun, then cycle uphill back to Arico via the winding, more southerly road, with tight switchbacks and wind turbines standing sentinel all around you.

3. Rest and enjoy the history of Arico 🙂

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