Climbing Rat Penat in Catalonia

Climbing Rat PenatNadezhda PavlovaCatalonia's
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Hitting the hills in Catalonia

A ride to Rat Penat

Rat Penat, a translation from the Catalan language meaning “bat,” is an renowned cycling climb in Catalonia that offers a thrilling experience for cyclists. Situated in the Garraf range of mountains, Rat Penat poses a real challenge to every cyclist brave enough to take it on. With its steep gradients, reaching up to 23% in some sections, this climb can be compared to the famous Mortirola in Bormio.

Not only is Rat Penat a test of physical endurance, but it also offers breath-taking views along the way. Starting from Casteldefels and Gavà, cyclists can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Castelldefels during the climb. As you pedal higher, the impressive vistas of the coast unfold, as Rat Penat is located in close proximity to the sea, between Castelldefels and Sitges. Having been here in Catalonia for some time now, I thought that it was time for this Barcelona resident to hit the hills and tackle this epic climb.

Breath-taking summit

At the summit of Rat Penat to Sitges route cyclists are rewarded for the hard work, with not only a sense of accomplishment, but also the sight of the Buddhist Monastery that graces the top. This adds a unique cultural dimension to the experience, making it even more memorable. Rat Penat has gained recognition on the professional cycling stage as well, having been included in the route of the Vuelta a España in 2010 and 2013. This further attests to the challenge and allure of this climb, and makes it a climb for anyone visiting the area to have on their list of challenges.

Where to stay

For those staying in Barcelona, convenient train tickets can be purchased to reach Castelldefels, where the journey to Rat Penat begins. As I mentioned above; the combination of the challenging ascent, stunning views of the coastline, and the presence of the Buddhist Monastery, all combine to make the Rat Penat cycling climb a must-try for any cyclist exploring Catalonia. Add to this, the cultural vibrancy of Barcelona, and you’ve got the makings of a great trip.

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  1. Start at the coast, cycling from the small town of Rat Perat and head upwards into Parc del Garraf. After 5 km, turn off right and ascend the short climb to the summit, then descending back to the main highway.
  2. At 19km pass the observatory as you continue to descend sweeping roads.
  3. At 26km pass El Mas Mila village, continuing on the BV-111 highway back south towards the coast.
  4. Cross over the C-32 main highway and continue downwards to the coastal roads, eventually picking up the C-31 towards Rat Perat.
  5. A short detour upwards can be taken at 39km, to Emita de la Trinitat de Sitges.

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