Alé Cycling Sauvage Jersey and Bib Shorts

Sauvage Kitby Nadezhda

Italian Styling & Performance

As a passionate female cyclist, I recently had an opportunity of testing out the Italian-made cycling kit from Ale. In many years of racing, riding and writing about cycling, I have ridden many kits and many brands; and let me tell you – the Alé kit was an absolute winner!

Sauvage Ladies SS Jersey

First of all, let’s talk about the stylish girly pink Sauvage jersey. It’s not only eye-catching but also incredibly comfortable. The material is super lightweight and has a pleasant soft touch, making it perfect for those hot summer rides. The jersey is not just pretty, it’s also technically designed with breathable and stretchable fabric that hugs your body, allowing you to go further, longer, and stronger on your two-wheeled adventures.

Ale are one of those brands that lead the way in technical fabrics, high-performance design and style. Featuring original graphics and pastel tones, their new Sauvage jersey teams advanced fabrics with high-tech design features. Designed using Alé’s Body Mapping technology, each panel of this jersey has been strategically placed to draw out the best characteristics of each fabric and provide serious comfort. It allows you to feel free and relaxed, with just the right movement. There’s a mesh fabric under the arms, aiding breathability – which is crucial , and the sleeves are raw cut at the edge, sitting close to the skin.

As a finishing touch, Ale have added their lightweight S-Stability System on the bottom front of the jersey, alongside strategically placed silicone with stretch on the rear hem to ensure an impeccable fit, ensuring that you look amazing and feel fantastic. Riding in the Sauvage jersey, it’s really comfortable, stylish and finished to a high standard, for high-performance cycling – the perfect combination!

Sauvage Bib Shorts

Now, let’s move on to the matching Sauvage bib shorts with a subtle zebra pattern, distinguished pink bright flowers, and signature acid yellow straps. These shorts are a game-changer. What surprised me the most was the absence of a rubber hem on the bib bottoms, again being raw cut like the jersey. However, this innovative design ensures that the shorts stay in place without causing the dreaded sausage legs; and they look super smooth and super stylish against the skin. They’re not too tight, providing the perfect balance of comfort and support, with just enough compression to keep the blood warm as you work hard, and sitting like a second skin, wrapping you in cycling style.

The wide and soft straps are high-quality and sit softly against the body, with a high cut to the short fabric itself, up to the actual waist, keeping you comfortable and feeling fine! The fabric used is light, yet strong, with a tight weave and lots of stretch, fitting perfectly and showing off your figure in the right way. All in all, when worn with the Ale Sauvage jersey, it’s a great combination.

The Ale Sauvage ss kit for summer combines style, functionality, and comfort in a way that exceeds expectations! Finishing quality and the technical excellence of the garments is of the highest quality, as you’d expect from a world leading brand, but often missed by others – not by Ale, where detail counts. The Sauvage range of jersey and bibs for women will allow you to ride in style this summer, and with performance and comfort catered for too. Gear up and conquer the road in style – Italian style!

Over the coming months, we’ll be testing out and reviewing lots more ladies cycling products, with Nadezhda, as she takes on the lead for this growing area of the cycling world. Ladies cycling is still the fastest growing group within the global cycling community, and they’re waiting for more brands to design and produce the very best, high-performance, stylish products just for them – so join the style revolution, with Nadezhda!

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