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An Awesome Autumn Addition to my Red Chilli

Autumn and early winter are a time of change, as we get dramatic transitions of colour in nature. The greens of summer turn to reds and browns and a million shades, that literally light up the autumn countryside, as everything gets ready for winter and long periods of darkness.

My Red Chilli WR1 is also a object of transition and fits perfectly with the context of autumnal change, with its chameleon colours. In some angles, the color is red-pink-purple, and when looked at from other angles the color is green-blue – it’s magical and I just love this transition!

Elite have developed a new range of bottle cages that match this colour transition, and which also match my bike colour – wow! They arrived recently and I couldn’t wait to fit them, for a complete total match. Style is definitely not optional when I’m cycling – I love to feel good and yes, for my bike and me to look good too.

Elite Vico Glam Bottle Cages

The new Elite Vico Glam bottle cages are super light and with no doubt in tune with the chameleon color of my WR1. Each bottle cage is only 29g, made of durable reinforced fibreglass, keeping it strong and robust. It takes all bottle sizes, holding them firmly, but allowing the bottles to be easy to garb when needed. The design is made from glittering metallic coating, which is designed to make any bike frame shine and stand out. And, like my Red Chilli bike, the colour looks slightly different from a variety of angles  🙂 🙂

This new bottle cage design has a front build, made to fully hold the bottle to stay in place in challenging conditions, such as high-speed descents, rough terrains or off-road paths. And, looking at the state of many roads these days, especially in the hills, this is crucial. There’s nothing worse than a bottle bouncing away down the road.

What goes really well with the Vico cage is the Elite Fly bottle. It’s a super light bottle, the lightest on the market, made from plastic and it weighs only 54g (550ml). It’s also the World Tour’s most used water bottle. And, as I say, it’s the world’s lightest bottle, being 30% lighter than any other standard bottle. Elite used less plastic material, especially on the central body area, but kept the classic ergonomic structure that it’s easy to squeeze.

The Elite Fly bottle is also available in many different color options for a perfect accessory match – yes, I know, more good news 😉 , when matched with the Vico Glam cages and my super cool, Red Chilli WR1 bike – huge smiles 🙂

They come in three sizes: 550ml, 750ml and 950ml, and there’s a mtb version, but with a cap on for protection against mud. You can read a more detailed review of the Elite water bottle by clicking here.

All I need now is a cool coloured mountain bike too – after all, the ideal bike number is N+1. Thanks again, Red Chilli and Elite, for making this writer very happy!

You can read more of my blogs by following the link in the website menu. We’ve alsogot lots of great blogs all about the range of indoor trainers by Elite, and how we’ve found them ourselves over the past year or so. I’ll be writing lots more about their Nero Interactive Rollers and Direto XR Trainer, during this winter – so  keep checking in. Testing bikes and products is a very privileged position, but it allows me to bring you the very best advice 🙂

Photos by Larisa & Cristian Popoi

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