Getting Interactive with Elite

Getting really interactive with the Elite Justo

Be the best, with the Elite Justo

There’s a new kid on the indoor training block and it’s really cool. It’s both technically superb and stylishly cool. What’s better is that it works in conjunction with even more new tech from Elite, creating an indoor cycling experience that is second to none.

Okay then, what is this golden egg of interactivity, you may ask. It’s the Elite Justo interactive trainer, and it works either independently or in conjunction with the new Elite Rizer. When taken together, and when used with the Elite ‘Real Video’ app, with a screen in front of you, then you’ve got a superb way to train through autumn and winter.

The Justo itself, simulates slopes up to 24%, which in practice has meant that even the steepest roads here in the Yorkshire Dales national park have been accessible on a trainer. Yes, I know that some are signed at 25%, but the Justo works on accuracy and reality, and by using the GPX geo data and converting this into the necessary resistance, with a 1% accuracy that gives you a smooth and effective ride.

Adding the Elite Rizer for a huge leap in realism

Adding the Elite Rizer to the front, also means that the trainer set-up reacts to slopes going up… and going down, with the front of the bike also being raised or lowered when required, giving that added reality to events. The pinpoint accuracy of the Justo inclines up to a 24% slope, with the integrated power meter kicking in to take the relevant measurements and display them on the screen. It also has an auto-calibration, meaning that setting it up is as easy as simply plugging in and pressing a button.

Over recent weeks, we’ve been hammering the alpine classics, with up to 4 alpine passes a week on the video from Elite ‘Real Video’, and it’s been as good as you’d expect from this technically superb Italian brand. One aspect of the Rizer that is worthy of note is the flexibility and softening around the area where the bike fork is fixed. It’s rubberised and softened and designed to move with you, allowing you to steer the front of the bike as you use the interactivity of the combined trainers. The Rizer says it can move your bike uphill at +20% and downhill at -10%. In practice, we simply found it to be smooth, realistic and very fluid.

Integrated power meter: maximum precision

Its accuracy is particularly appealing to us here at Pedalnorth. The Justo measures the actual power delivered with an integrated power meter, the OTS (Optical Torque Sensor). Thanks to its internal power meter, the trainer can immediately measure the power you exert on the pedals with an extraordinary accuracy of 1%. In addition to added accuracy, the Justo features new ERG Mode data smoothing options, including the “Easy Start” feature to make it easier to start and resume an interval after you stopped pedalling. When the flywheel stops rotating, this feature will automatically remove the resistance until you start pedalling, giving you a few seconds to move your legs before re-applying the resistance that you set for your intervals. Viola – simple, smooth and effective indoor training.

In summary then, we’ll be looking at both the Elite Justo and the Rizer more frequently, as we train indoors through winter, and giving you more information and training tips. Our next blog will focus specifically on the Rizer and its development. In the meantime, we definitely recommend both the Justo and the Rizer. As the ultimate indoor cycling combination for a great interactive experience.


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