Exercise Hydration

Sodium is a main electrolyte found in sweat and plays an important role in fluid balance in the body and in athletes’ performance. Sodium loss can vary a lot between individuals and is also pretty stable within an individual too. How do you determine if you are a salty sweater and how much sodium should you consume to keep hydration levels optimized? One thing is certain, and that is the issue of correct hydration and fluid replacement for athletes, so let’s examine this.

Voom Nutrition Bars

During the spring and summer of 2020 I’ve been using and testing the Voom Nutrition energy bars and their super tasty “Recovery Fudge” protein bar. Best of all, they’re more than a replacement for the Mars Bars and I’ve seen my power levels maintained on both long rides and shorter but harder rides. How can they benefit your own cycling?

Costa Blanca MTB Stage Race

Over the last thirty five years of cycle racing, I’ve often considered my peers and their contentment at riding the same disciplines, indeed the same races, year in year out. Each to their own and all that, but it’s not for me. It’s probably a Myers-Briggs personality thing. Firstly, I like new experiences; secondly, as a very average amateur athlete, I have never really found a discipline that has offered fame and fortune. Riding the same races over and over again holds little appeal.

Pirelli PZero Race TLR 28

Pirelli returned to road cycling just a few ago, going back to their heritage and using their knowledge and skills developed in a formula 1 to great effect. Now sponsoring UCI World teams at both road and mtb disciplines, their latest tyre ranges take things to a whole new level.

Factor Bikes Harrogate

Factor Bikes are all about performance and technolological excellence.This young cycling brand aim high and achieve their goals, so it’s no surprise that they’ve opened a showroom in Harrogate – the cycling centre of the UK. And, The ‘Cold Bath Clubhouse’ is already establishing itself as the bike place to be in town – with great coffee too!

DL Killer Cycling Shoes

To be a good cyclist, you need good shoes. This ensures that you are comfortable and able to utilize maximum power when on the bike. There are specially designed shoes to bring out the best in you!

Triathlon Final Sprint

Need a final boost in your triathlon race/at the foot of a big climb/ at the end of a run or ride? We all do at times,it’s perfectly normal. You seem to have done everything, but for some reason you just feel under power. You’ve followed your nutrition plan, yes – but that doesn’t help at this moment; so what can you do?

The Mature Athlete and The Vicious Circle

Over the last thirty years I’ve raced and trained consistently. From consistent top ten finishes in the CTT British Best All-Rounder competition, through cyclocross and MTB Cross Country. Twenty to thirty starts a year on average. Under normal circumstances, I love my sport and drive home just as euphorically happy after turning myself inside out to hang onto a group in a cross race as I did to score the occasional win against the watch fifteen years ago.

Voom Nutrition for Cyclists

VOOM is a young and vibrant brand from the U.K. and it’s one that has its base firmly in endurance sports, with triathlon, fell running and cycling being sports that the brands key people participate in at a high level. There’s also some good science behind what they do, with their own scientist within the brand team. All sounds good so far then.

Jubilee Tower Lancaster Cycle Route


A classic Lancashire cycling route

This short but rewarding road cycling route in Lancashire takes you into the hills and open countryside, visiting the climb of Jubilee Tower before descending back to the village of Garstang. It’s a route for an easy evening or to lik in to a longer ride in rural Lancashire.

Distance: 24 miles
Ascent: 1,550 feet

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Refreshments: FiG Tree Fairtrade Cafe at Garstang or The Priory at Scorton.

Character: A gently undulating climb to a high and wild moor, topped by a preposterous folly. Sensational views in clear weather, with the Welsh, Manx and Lakeland hills spanning the westward horizon.


1. Head out of Garstang on the Lancaster Road (i.e. pedal North).

2. Turn right at the mini-roundabout into Green Lane East and gain a narrow lane barred to cars.

3. Turn right at the end and meander through the meadows of Wyresdale to the village of Scorton.

4. Turn right at the Priory into Snow Hill Lane and climb over the M6 and into the Forest of Bowland AONB. The sassier lasses round these parts buy tee shirts such that the words “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” undulate across their chests.

5. Turn left at the top and follow a high terrace, dodging jaywalking pheasants as you go.

6. Another left turn at the end (no signage) then pay heed to the Ford sign as it can reach respectable depth and the surface is rather too cobbled for hitting at high speed on skinny tyres.

7. Drop to the main Scorton-Abbeystead road and turn right. Follow this up a series of rises until a steep pull out of narrow gulch where the road runs parallel to a stream.

8. At the top of this climb, turn left (unsigned) to a spectacular, winding descent into Abbeystead.

9. Turn left and then, where the road turns 90 degrees to the left, go straight on, signposted “Quernmore 5”

10. Climb through plover and hare country, turning left at the top to the Tower. Look on the verge on the right for the memorial to cyclist Peter Nowell.

11. Plunge to Quernmore Crossroads, turning left. Try to combine admiring the view with staying in the saddle on the hairpin.

12. Follow the switchback southwards, re-crossing the motorway on Whams Lane

13. Left at the bottom will take you into the hamlet of Hollins Lane, convergence with the A6 and the homeward leg