ALE Ladies Cold Weather Accessories 2023

Once the sun is under the clouds, it’s much colder, and so, we have to dress smart. The base layer and accesories like gloves, necktube, shoe cover, socks are equally important as the main kit when choosing how to dress-up for the ride.

Rosti Hypno Jersey Bibs and Socks

ROSTI are a design orientated cycling wear brand, but they also excel in performance. Here’s their latest mens kit, just in time for sprimg and summer. The HYpno jersey is both unique and stylish.

Elastic Interface Palm Technology

You’ve got to hand it to Elastic Interface, literally – you really have to. This dynamic and forward thinking Italian technological fabric solution brand have done it again. I mean, how do you reinvent a cycling glove? After all, it’s just a glove isn’t it; with bits of fabric stitched together in the shape of a hand and then pads sewn into the fabric. Well, as the saying goes: ‘the past is another country – they do things differently there!’

ALÉ Sunset Kit for summer

ALÉ Cycling is famous for its high quality Italian material and a variety of colours and prints. This spring I had the chance to review the new summer 2019 Sunset cycling kit from ALÉ

Rosti Soft Touch TT Glove

These really are a well thought out and we’ll made glove. Using a one piece, strong and stretchy Tavolara fabric on the back of the hand, with a long pull on tab that’s part of the palm cloth, they’re extremely light and very well fitted.

GripGrab Shark Gloves

Not everyone likes riding with gloves on year round, but since your hands are one of the first things you thrust out to arrest your fall in the event you come off your bike then its far better to trash a pair of gloves than the skin on your hands!

GripGrab Windster Gloves

I like to be warm. There’s nothing wrong with this, and these great winter gloves from Danish brand GripGrab do the job extremely well.

GripGrab Roadster Gloves

Danish brand GripGrab doesn’t make a bad glove, or anything else that’s not top quality to be frank. These Roadster summer gloves are a good example of what they do produce – great quality gear for the serious cyclist or for the club rider that simply wants to be sure that they gear will perform.