Nalini Muggio Cold Weather Gloves

Let’s be very clear, whatever else we need when cycling, gloves are always a good idea. In truth, they can be the most difficult choice: do they fit well, do they fasten well, do they have good padding, do they keep my hands warm and dry, and are they worth the money. After all, they’re only for my hands aren’t they. Those in the know realise that gloves are a critical choice.

Especially when riding around the Yorkshire Dales in early spring. Whilst there are some glorious days, there are also some really cold days, with biting winds and driving rain; so when these gloves arrived from Nalini, I was intrigued, having not used the brand before.

At first glance, they’re a very well made and stylish glove, in a typical Italian style. Turning them inside out, the stitching is exceptional, and the mix of materials is well thought out. A warm, fleecy and rippled palm for great grip, with a smooth back to help shed the rain droplets; all wrapped up in nice stretchy fibres with 12% elastine, that ensures a good close fit. Coming well over the bony part of the wrist, these gloves are a good fit and tuck nicely under jersey cuffs. The ‘hook and eye’ fastening is extremely generous and strong, making sure that the closure is excellent.

In use they’re definitely comfortable, with the palms well catered for on the bars, and a nice feeling of dexterity. Using them on chilly spring days, they’ve been great, whereas other brands have often required an inner – not so with these. Even on warm days, they’re still a reasonable choice, as once you get high on the fells, the temperature can drop, and so choosing the right glove can be tricky.

Colour and branding is typically stylish Italian again, with some great block colour schemes, a the black which simply goes with everything. You know what they say: ‘always have the little black dress in the wardrobe for parties’. Well, always have a pair of these gloves in the cycle locker. The ‘Nalini’ branding across the backs is definitely a nice touch. All you need to do is get yourself a pair, because we certainly recommend them. It’s five stars, and another well done for Nalini – for style, comfort and usage.