ALE Ladies Cold Weather Accessories 2023

Cold Weather Cycle Clothing for Ladies

by Larisa Chinces

The importance of accessories – Ale Cycling

Dressing up for the ride can be a little tricky in a cold weather season, because the temperature and the feel can change quickly during the ride. Once the sun is under the clouds, it’s much colder, and so, we have to dress smart. The base layer and accesories like gloves, necktube, shoe cover, socks are equally important as the main kit when choosing how to dress-up for the ride. They can improve your ride due to their protective features. Let’s see some of the essentials from Italian quality brand Alé.

INTIMO KLIMA – Long sleeve base layer for women

This baselayer is made for cold weather and winter rides between -2°/10°c, meaning that it’s also perfect for late autumn and early spring. Even when you are sweating lots from trainig, the material doesn’t stay wet, due to great wicking properties. It is what you need when you ride.; being able to perform hard and yet stay dry and comfortable. To be honest I use it at ski too, it’s so good – haha.

It’s important to mention that the Alé base layer is also environmentally friendly. That’s a really critical point for me and my colleagues here at Pedalnorth. Made from high quality italian fabrics, with seamless technology for this base layer, and with panels of diversified intensity without seams, using body mapping. It’s a highly technical garment, and it feels it – just awesome.

Alé have used technology from SENSIL® the “Nilit Heat” which is verified to absorb and manage moisture and neutralize odors due to the specially crafted coffee charcoal and oxide additive integrated into the yarn. It also absorbs and captures body heat for an extended period of time. During the rides I could feel its benefits. Excellent breathability and thermal insulation, plus antibacterial material. Also whenyou get sweaty from the ride, the fabrics dry quickly. Best of all… I still smell kind of okay

They used manufacturing technologies like circular Knitting and warp Knitting, or even weaving for the best comfort as possible. Different knitting techniques for different parts of the body, using the body mapping expertise gained form working with the top teams and fabric scientists. It’s all very technical these days, and it shows when riding, as I love wearing the base. Under arms and the lower back where we sweat most are made with a thicker material and different seam. It is very streatchable and light with only 175g becuase its main fabric is made from 58% polyamide, 30% polyprophylene, 6% carbon fiber, 6%elasthan. It feels like a second skin and looks terrific!

KLIMATIK GUSCIO RACING – Rainproof jacket woman

Another must have item on the list! I don’t go anywhere without a rainproof jacket. No matter where I go and what type of ride I do (mtb or road), the rain jacket is absolutely essential. It’s very light and I can fold and pack it in my rear pocket or in a tiny bike seat bag. It’s also very light at 180g, which is almost like a baselayer but protective like a shell. It can be worn in the summer too when you go to ride in the mountains. The minimum recommended temperatures to wear it for comfort are from 6°until 18°c. I know that Robert also loves the men’s version, and says the same as me regarding how useful it is. The main fabric it is composed from 73% polyamide, 27% elastane and the non-textile membrane is 100% polyurethane. Made with Idro-tech 2L (water column 15.000mm/24h), it keeps water sliding off, yet also gives super breathability. The zipper is coated waterproof and due to the thermo taped seams, it prevents water from entering. Around the waist, it has a nice silicone tape which keeps the jacket in place and is really comfortable. It finishes off with a small reflective logo on the lower back for high visibility in low-light conditions. I like the feel when I wear it, and even though it is water repellant, the material is stretchable enough to feel comfortable while I’m working hard and moving. It feels very light on my skin and best of all, it doesn’t flap when I ride, due to the slim fit design. Every detail is so well thought out and the superior quality fabrics used are super. It is without doubt, a must have in your back pocket for your adventures on two wheels.

Accesories to complete the outfit!

We ladies need the right accessories to complete the outfit. Thankfully, Ale make some of the very best. Here’s a few additions that I’ve been wearing along with the baselayer and waterproof jacket.

K-ATMO – Tubular for head/neck for cold temperatures and a wet climate. It’s super stylish and super easy to breathe thr,ough it but also protects from cold and humidity. It’s so good that I also use it when skiing!

NORDIK 2.0 – Gloves: These gloves are improved from previous versions, and are more windproof, with a softshell and an ergonomic fit. What’s really good,is that I can use my phone when wearing them, as they’re designed to use them on a touch screen device due to its touch-compatible printed anti-slip silicone on the palm – which actually works.

KLIMATIK – Shoe covers: These covers are my personal favorites, because it has a simple design with black matte color. It looks very good on the shoes, modern and stylishly simple, and gives the outfit a complete look! They’re also very protective, being super windproof and waterproof. Easy to put on, and easy to remove, they’re strong and have a super zip, and have just the right amount of stretch.

Ale have done a great job with their latest cold weather clothing and accessories. The quality does seem to be improving all the time, with body-mapping being really evident now. It’s always tricky in cold weather, staying comfortable whilst dry and warm and being stylish too. However, these new items from the Ale range are spot on, and I love them!

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