Rosti Hypno Jersey Bibs and Socks

ROSTI are a design orientated cycling wear brand, but they also excel in performance. Here’s their latest mens kit, just in time for sprimg and summer. The HYpno jersey is both unique and stylish.

RH+ ELITE EVO W Ladies Jersey and Pista Shorts

Spring is here and it’s the perfect opportunity to take time and prepare for hot summer, by choosing new stylish cycling clothing. What we all look for in summer clothing is to be comfortable and to sweat less while wearing them. Luckily, now we have advanced technical fabrics to make it happen.

Inspire Repeat Cycling Socks

So you’ve spent all your hard earned cash on the best cycling outfit. You’ve bought some natty shoes and you’re ready to go. Hang on, what socks do I wear? Cycling socks are often overlooked as part of your cycling attire and nearly always underestimated in their intrinsic value to your cycling experience. After all, your feet are an important element of the cycling process!

Girls Rule Cycling Kit

Designed For Cycling design and produce high technicity and high performance ladies cycling clothing. They also design the most chic and stylish cycling kit for ladies, and their Girls Rule range is typical of this high end ladies cycling kit brand

ALÉ Thermo Primoloft Winter Cycling Socks

There are two important things about socks, so don’t underestimate them. Your feet are critical, and as a former mountain runner I know this, as does Larisa as an athlete.

Nadezhda Pavlova triathlete

Designed For Cycling Sweet Dreams Kit

Finding great cycling gear is always a challenge, especially for women. The industry seems to have decided that if you want performance clothing that helps keep you comfortable on the bike, you also want to appear as if you are a professional cyclist too.

Cycology Socks Review

Cycology Socks

Socks are often the last thing that a cyclist thinks of, but are one of the most critical items of clothing. After all, it’s your feet and legs that do the hard work. Editors Robert and Larisa take a look at the wide variety of socks from Australian brand Cycology Gear.

In terms of cycling socks, Cycology have definitely got it covered – literally. With funky designs to match specific jersey and short combos and a full range of single colour socks, there’s something for everyone.

However, the crucial thing is always ‘how well made are they and how long will they last?’ If you’re like me, there’s nothing worse than socks that simply wriggle around all over your feet and that get holes in after only a few uses, or simply lose shape or any compression and support that they ever had. Cycling specific socks aren’t cheap, so it pays to buy a good pair… or two or three.

Well made socks provide arch and ankle support and a reasonable degree of compression. They sit neatly in place at the toe and ankle and these stylish socks from Cycology utilise a more elasticated knit for a snugger fit and for the arch support and a mesh knit in the 6” ankle cuff to keep them firmly in place. They use a flat toe seam construction for comfort and have mesh weave panels designed in, helping with moisture wicking too.

Once you’re wearing them, they really do feel like a quality sock and they retain both colour and shape after numerous washes.

The printed socks are designed specifically to match the Cycology kit designs and have even more of a compression feel to them. They’re very slightly longer (7” ankle to cuff) from the plain colour socks, but share the same quality weave construction and performance properties.

Coming in a wide variety of styles, and in patterns to match all of your cycling kit, they tick all the necessary boxes for both style and performance. In total, there are 15 great colours and designs to choose from, so make room in your sock drawer.

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