ALÉ Winter Cycling Socks

Larisa Chinces & Robert Thorpe

There are two important things about socks, so don’t underestimate them. Your feet are critical, and as a former mountain runner I know this, as does Larisa as an athlete. Look after your feet, with comfortable socks that have some science behind their design. There you go… done.

On a serious note, many brands produce socks as accessories, and yes they’re important. These Alé Thermo Primaloft socks are designed to work between -4 and +8 degrees. They’re woven with various weave patterns, being thicker and softer underneath, with a tight and light weave across the bridge where you need a little compression and some breathability too. The socks have strengthening to the heel and toe and a very fine elasticated weave on the ankle uppers.

Both in the ladies smaller socks and in the men’s socks, Larisa and I tested them in some cold temperatures. Overall, they’re simply a well-made and good quality cycling sock for winter, and they kept our feet super warm. The cuff is good and nicely elasticated and keep the socks up, ensuring a good fit to the foot. Neither of us suffered from overheating feet or adverse sweating, even on long hard rides. The design is very simple, with limited colour branding, meaning that they go well with the Alé winter kit ranges and you’ll look good on your feet 😉

In terms of Larisa’s view, it matched my own in terms of performance, but for style Larisa says: “as like the other ALÉ accessories, I like them to match 😉 So I gotthe socks to match my jacket! 😉

Cycling obviously means that your feet work hard, so they deserve some foot love. All too often, expensive socks don’t last long, but these have performed well and survived numerous rides and washes – and they look great … just ask Larisa!

Looking after your ALÉ Kit

Cycle clothing is made from techical fabrics and it’s vital that they are properly looked after, especially when washing.

This short video from ALÉ is a useful guide to help you to make the most of this great kit and to ensure that it keeps on performing long into the future. In particular, always read the labels and make sure that you don’t wash mixed colours. Don’t wash at too high a temperature and turn the garments inside out before placing them into the washing machine.