Nalini Red Label Gloves

It’s not easy to know what to say about cycling gloves. However, these classic, fingerless style summer mitts are exceptionally well made, look stylish and compliment the Nalini Red Label range.

I’m all for matching my kit to my bike so I was particularly pleased that these gloves with the red/black/white design matched my main bike so well. Riding a bike is all about looking good, right?

The gloves’ design incorporates a moderate amount of branding including the ‘na’ logo seen across the Nalini range. There’s a small strip of reflective piping across the back and although called Red Gloves they are also available in lime green, black or white.

They have non slip grip detailing on the palm and fingers, and a generous amount of padding to the thumb joint and heel of the hand – essentially the area that you rest with on the drops – great for cushioning and damping vibrations. Yes, unlike many brands, it all actually works a treat, as intended by the designers. I found the amount of padding suited me perfectly, although appreciating that this would be an area very much down to personal preference.

There’s loads of venting to the palm and backs to help keep the hands cool on hotter days and a soft, absorbent area to the thumb for wiping brow, nose etc. Finger loops provide easy removal of the gloves.