Rosti Soft Touch TT Glove

These really are a well thought out and we’ll made glove. Using a one piece, strong and stretchy Tavolara fabric on the back of the hand, with a long pull on tab that’s part of the palm cloth, they’re extremely light and very well fitted. Whilst light, the material is extremely tough and also reasonably breathable too. It oozes Italian quality in every stitch and weave.

The palm is a tough suede style material, with pads by TMF, well-spaced to cushion just where needed and not elsewhere. On long hard rides, with lots of climbing, the pads do their job well, ensuring that the palms are kept comfortable. Stitching is excellent, and there’s very little to wrong with these mitts. The fingerless ends are well finished, with clean cuts and no loose threads, and some quality stitching of separate small material panels between each finger.

The gloves fit tight, keep you warm enough, cushion superbly and have a top quality finish. The design is pure Rosti – Italian red with the logo across the back, and why not. I love how the wrist is high, making sure that if you have arm warmers on, it’s a clean fit between the two items. These gloves are high end and could easily become a favourite.

A full 5 star accessory by this established Italian brand, and with style in every stitch.