Rosti Spring ladies long sleeved jersey

I really like the turquoise color of this jersey; it’s a fav in either dark or light shade. This Rosti Spring jacket comes in turquoise color on the torso area, the sleeves are grey with reflective particles, and the back of the forearm is matte black with gradient sized dots. Multiple pieces of fabric are beautifully sewn to get a better fit – viola!

Alé Ladies Switch DWR Combi Jacket

New Year, new style and more fun!

The Ale´ Women’s winter jacket Switch DWR Combi looks lovely, like most of Ale’s wonderful collections, always full of bright and vivid colors, with unique designs. The one I have on test is a shade of light blue or celeste color, one of my favorites of course!

Designed for Cycling

Look good in lycra with DS Pro, as we examine the style, design and fabric technicity of this exciting brand

Ladies Cycling Kits

Women’s cycling kit matters, because having uncomfortable clothing, or a women’s cycling jersey that causes chaffing or doesn’t offer support, can turn an enjoyable ride into an ordeal.

Alé Future Nordik Ladies Jacket

The Alé Future Nordik Lady jacket is a superb winter garment, and extremely useful for other cold days in the hills.

DS Pro Cold Weather Kit

Who says you can’t look stylish in cold weather and still perfom? With this Winter Cycling Jacket and Tights, you can still resume your workouts without feeling too cold nor too hot at all. Plus, the overall aesthetics and perfect color combination of the jacket and tights will make you look super chic

ALÉ cycle clothing

ALÉ Autumn Winter Collections 2019/2020

Those very clever and extremely stylish people at Italian brand ALÉ have come up with something extra special this winter. We thought that you deserved a look and so here’s a preview

ALÉ Sunset Kit for summer

ALÉ Cycling is famous for its high quality Italian material and a variety of colours and prints. This spring I had the chance to review the new summer 2019 Sunset cycling kit from ALÉ

Biehler Malibu Ultra Lightweight Windstop

Biehler Malibu Windproof Jacket

Biehler are at the cutting edge of technicity and design in cycling clothing. They seem to be constantly striving to produce even better garments, that can perform at the highest level and in the toughest conditions.

Their lightweight Malibu windproof jacket is a great example of the Biehler approach to cycle clothing, being super technical, super strong, a super cool design and fitting well with other garments across the current range.

The lightand top quality material is tightly woven and does the windproofing job well, also keeping a light shower at bay when required. And, for the wicking and breathability, Biehler have used their mesh based cloth to the side panels, under the arms and across the rear shoulders. A heavier cloth at the front is complimented by lighter sleeves that are cut tight and shaped for racing, along with the form fitting overall design.

There’s a large zipped pocket to the rear, in which you can either fold the jacket or keep a few goodies.

I also love the super cool gradient colours, with the soft blue merging into the bright reds, creating a modern and stylish cycling canvas.

The collar is cut high to help keep the winds away, helping you to perform in all conditions. Best of all, the close fitting cut means there’s no flapping fabric, just a sleek and stylish cyclist.

Price wise, this is a high end garment, but we feel it’s strong, well put together and very stylish, and it’s stood up to some harsh testing here in the Yorkshire Dales – well done Biehler.