Biehler Malibu Windproof Jacket

Biehler are at the cutting edge of technicity and design in cycling clothing. They seem to be constantly striving to produce even better garments, that can perform at the highest level and in the toughest conditions.

Their lightweight Malibu windproof jacket is a great example of the Biehler approach to cycle clothing, being super technical, super strong, a super cool design and fitting well with other garments across the current range.

The lightand top quality material is tightly woven and does the windproofing job well, also keeping a light shower at bay when required. And, for the wicking and breathability, Biehler have used their mesh based cloth to the side panels, under the arms and across the rear shoulders. A heavier cloth at the front is complimented by lighter sleeves that are cut tight and shaped for racing, along with the form fitting overall design.

There’s a large zipped pocket to the rear, in which you can either fold the jacket or keep a few goodies.

I also love the super cool gradient colours, with the soft blue merging into the bright reds, creating a modern and stylish cycling canvas.

The collar is cut high to help keep the winds away, helping you to perform in all conditions. Best of all, the close fitting cut means there’s no flapping fabric, just a sleek and stylish cyclist.

Price wise, this is a high end garment, but we feel it’s strong, well put together and very stylish, and it’s stood up to some harsh testing here in the Yorkshire Dales – well done Biehler.