Ladies Cold Weather Cycle Clothing by Alé

Ladies Cold Weather Cycle Clothing by Alé

Larisa Chinces

Wrapped in style – with Alé Cycling

When Alé Cycling launched their Fall-Winter 2022/23 collection, it was designed just for these time periods. However, they made it so well, that’s it’s also perfect for early spring, which is why I’m still wearing it in Transylvania.

The range has lots of great garments: breathable, protective, comfortable cycle clothing for all weather conditions, where colours and design stands out at first sight. The style is based on art in textile engineering, to offer jerseys, bib tights, jackets, underwear, and accessories that improve the cyclist’s performance in lower temperatures – like early spring too. The theme of the new collection is “No matter the season”: an invitation to go cycling without worrying about weather conditions.

I always look forward to and like the feeling of fresh new kit to test. I get excited when opening a box with new kit! Feels like opening a present – Hehe. Well, the new kit I will talk about today is from a well-known Italian elite cycling brand Alé Cycling, who work with the best riders in the world. The new range is improved on their already excellent standards, and it all looks awesome. Alé always had colourful and unique designs for their cycling apparel. As you know, I am in love with the colour blue/turquoise and I already have 3 jackets from them, which are absolutely superb (you can find the articles and pics in my blog section). However, this year I made a change in my colour preferences – see below what I chose.

1. KLIMATIK K-TORNADO 2.0 – Water repellent long sleeve jacket woman

What attracted me to this jacket is its bright pink colour which you can hear screaming “SEE ME” on the road while it’s traffic. Brilliant idea, I thought to myself; this way, the drivers can see me better – especially now, when the weather is colder, and the colours of nature haven’t appeared yet. The developed technology by Ale for this jacket is their Klimatik design fabrics: the best possible protection against any type of climate. It’s windproof, made with different portions of material joined together for the best performance and best comfort. Its textile composition is made of a high-quality external fabric: 86% polyester, 14% elastane; internal fabric: 90% polyester, 10% elastane; non-textile membrane: 100% polytetrafluoroethylene.

The front, bright pink area is made with a softshell material to protect from the frontal incoming wind or little raindrops. It has shorter length in comparison with the back, because usually when you lean forward in riding position the jacket/jersey piles up if the length is too long. A light “A” shape at the front bottom, gives it a nice hourglass feminine fit too – which I like. Also in the front, the zipper is covered, giving it a more stylish and elegant look. The collar is generously wide and comfortable, with thermal panel on the back of the neck and thermal brushed collar liner to keep warm. These little details matter and show the attention that the brand give to their clothing.

However, the back area from the shoulders down and under arms has different material. More breathable fabrics but protects from humidity. The back and under arms get more sweat than the other parts of the body, and this different material keeps it breathable and dry. The length is more long to protect and cover good the lower back area from the wind. Has 3 rear spacious rear pockets with reflective details which are also designed more discreet and not so obviously visible finishes off with a silicone waist band to keep the jacket in place during movements while riding.

The fit and feel is almost like a jersey, but due to a 3-layer fabric, it protects like a rain jacket. EVENT membrane and DWR treatment has been used to make this jacket to ensure high breathability and thermal insulation even in wet conditions. K-TORNADO 2.0 jacket folds perfectly with body form and movement while riding due to bonded fabrics and body mapping technology. For comfort the best temperatures to ride are between 6°and 12°c. For intermediate climatic conditions, you can enjoy wearing it in late autumn, winter and early spring.

2. PR-R PYRAMID – Jacket woman

PR. R comes from Alé’s first-ever line, designed for the teams and immediately becoming their classic for its ergonomic race fit and innovative technologies. This Alé Pyramid jacket is similar to Klimatik K-Tornado but full thermal, windproof and designed to ride in lower temperatures. It is constructed too with multi-panel technique and the placement of the fabrics make this jacket breathable and highly protective, therefore suitable for rides which require high intensity effort.

Riding outside in cold windy temperatures is no problem due to the 3layer fabric with Windtex membrane that protects from the wind. On the inside it has soft internal fleece, with micro-square structure which permits quick ventilation of the sweat to get away from the skin. Its main composition is 87% polyester, 13% elastane. Technical and refined details complete the jacket’s performances. You can wear it with a long sleeve base layer when the temperature is near freezing in winter or with a sleeveless thinner baselayer if the temperature is more than 12 degrees Celsius.

I like the race fit so much, and it suits my riding style. It’s very comfortable for intensive rides and extreme temperatures. I really like the race tight fit rather than the regular or loose fit. You can really enjoy the comfort and feel during the rides, thanks to the body mapping technology that makes it feel like a second skin. Also, a common trait that Alé clothes have, specifically the women’s culottes, which are more flared on the form of the female body. It’s a very feminine brand, whilst retaining its performance credentials. The front length is shorter than the back and it stays put due to a silicone waist band. Underarm it had a different material covered with fleece on the inside, to help sweat from underarm area to ventilate. The cuffs are wide enough and raw-cut without sewn edge and anatomically shaped for maximum comfort.

In the back it has got 3 rear discrete, but spacious pockets for the necessities during rides, plus reflective logo on the middle pocket. The unique graphic design fully embodies the modern and technical image of Alè®. The front zipper has a protective internal flap, and it has the cam-lock feature – it means the zipper moves only when held in horizontal position and will not slide up and down during movement. The collar has a thermal padded panel all around the neck and in the back area the material is a little bit longer to cover the knack properly. This feature is made to protect from the wind and sweat which can be uncomfortable during the ride.

3. R-EV1 FUTURE WARM – Bib tights woman

First of all, we all need good tights with good qualities. It is the key to long comfortable rides. However, these are not just regular cycling bib tights. What makes them special and made me curious about them, is their unique concept design. Due to its exclusive wraparound microfibre mono-bib strap eliminates the discomfort caused by the straps around chest area. This is something new for me to try on, as I’ve been using only regular 2 strap bibs. When style meets quality, Alé has it without doubt. The bibs name – R-EV1 – comes from a capsule collection that offers the best textile technology available today.

B-HOT THERMO DWR (durable water repellent) is a special fabric that helps heating and thermoregulate the skin. Around the waist until right under the chest there is a bodice, the front part is made from see-through fleeced mesh which keeps the abdomen warm but ventilated. The rest of the bodice, which is around the back and sides, is made of a thicker fleece non-see-through, which keeps you warm even more. Right in the middle of the back there is a space or “hole” and on the right side there is a relatively small pocket which can fit a car key for example. The top of the bodice is finished with a wide thin band which continues up in the frontal part hanging around the neck. The strap is raw cut which is very comfortable while wearing. The mono strap feature makes possible to undress and dress without needing to take off the jersey or jacket.

Another benefit to these bibs is that they have a waterproof leg cuff. The rainproof leg cuffs can be worn over the shoe cover to protect against dirt and road splashes. It perfectly protects from wind and cold too – the length reaches the mid-calf. Overall, the bib tights are made from multiple panels –each different with a specific role – to ensure the best ergonomic fit and comfort. Alé used the flatlock stitching’s technique for a more comfortable feel. Riding outside in the cold or light rain is acceptable thanks to the DWR fabric which covers the bib tights whole, keeping the legs warm and protected. Two reflective details are put specifically on the back of the tights to be more visible on road.

Now, let’s get to the chamois. Most people never check the chamois, which is why they buy wrong ones. For me personally, the Alé chamois has always been the first choice. I’ve always recommended their products based on my testing. When it comes to chamois, I only have compliments to say. They are one of the best chamois so far and trust me I have lots of kits. Alé understand the importance of the chamois, which is why they developed their own and patented it. From my perspective, it’s super comfortable and worth all their effort. The pad’s velocity is up to 8h of comfort. It’s light, slim and works in the right areas – no more details required. Why not try yourself and see what I’m talking about?

This new and improved collection shows a contemporary and distinctive look, and you can find it on their website and in all the good stores. Personally, I think that it’s a super stylish and performance orientated range of cycle clothing, that fits where it should and makes me feel awesome on the bike. At the end of the day, that’s possibly the best recommendation possible!

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