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Camelbak LoboOn Test with LarisaLarisa Chinces, Editor

Summers are for Adventures!

Larisa Chinces, Editor

I’ve always loved mtb rides in the mountains of Transylvania, but I also like to explore other parts of my country too. For example, Baiu Mountains with altitudes of 1700-1900 m, located in Prahova county. Transbai is an off-road trail and it is 38 kilometers long and will connect the cities of Azuga and Busteni to Valea Doftanei. In these kind of adventures, it is important to have an adequate physical condition and proper nutrition. So no more waiting – I took my mtb to ride the Baiu’s trails. The route is quite accessible, it has steep ascents and descents, some even technical; but overall it is indeed enjoyable and the landscape is amazing!

With me I had the Camelbak Lobo backpack on test. It’s a cute small ‘must have’ backpack for long mtb rides in the mountains. When the temperatures rise, getting enough to drink and hydration is important, whether you’re playing sports or just sitting in the sun – and it’s critical for your heart health. Keeping the body hydrated helps the heart more easily pump blood through the blood vessels to the muscles. Furthermore, us women, often like to multitask, and this pack has incredible features designed to fit MTB, hike, run and bike lifestyle – it’s multi-sport, which I love. It’s designed with a tailored fit and an S-curved shoulder harness, contoured specifically to fit a woman’s body. So it’s perfect for outdoor sport activities and for us women.

The Lobo is a similar pack to the MULE in it’s base design, but smaller and less advanced in construction. It’s simple in its use and lower down the range, missing the reinforced material of the MULE. The material is more soft and spongy, without the same level of protection as the Luxe, but is ideal for short 3 or 4 hours on the bike or hills. Due to the Air Support™ technology the panel from the back has body mapping design to allow optimum ventilation on the hottest areas of the back. Has 3 secure pockets and I can easily fit in enough gear for a short to medium ride on the bike, or a short hike (6 litre storage capacity). It has space for snacks and a rain jacket or vest – those important things that make a ride safe and keep you smiling.

The shoulder straps are the same as the Luxe and Mule, perfectly adequate and comfortable for the size and use of the Lobo, and it’s perfect for me, when I just want to go out for a few hours and I don’t want to carry too much. Ventilated harness ensures lasting breathability for the long summer rides. Around the waist and chest it has a thin simple band which helps the pack to stay in place while moving. Also the chest strap is clamped on 2 rails which you can adjust up or down to fit your exact body shape, which is again important to women.

On the sides it has 2 mesh pockets with straps, in which you can clip your helmet on or put a jacket in. Both logos are reflective for more visibility and the pack is made from recycled materials with safer chemicals with a carefully designed shape to ensure kilometers of comfortable exciting adventures. It has a magnetic tube trap that keeps the tube secure and accessible when you need it. The Camelbak blader material is safe BPA/BPS/BPF Free, for perserving the water in it’s natural form and holds 2 litres of fluid, meaning that I’ll stay hydrated for sure. There you go – that’s the tech data out of the way – now, let’s ride.

Camelbak have a great range of packs for all mountian activities. The problem is – which one to choose 😉 . For me, the Lobo is the perfect hydration pack for short tripsout to the mountains, where I need a light and flexible pack, but I also need to carry the essential items. It’s also extremely comfortable, especially for women, which not all brands think about – we’re built different and we need brands to consider this.

All in all it is indeed a great pack; comfortable, versatile, practicle and light (the pack itself has only 500 grams). So that being said, put on your CamelBak Lobo, hop on your mtb and enjoy the hills that nature offers us while being healthy and properly hydrated.

Click the button here to take a look at this ride and download the GPX file 🙂 

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