Miami Museum Gardens to Key Biscayne bike ride

  • Miami to Key Biscayne

    Epic views from Cape Florida Lighthouse

Miami to Key Biscayne & Cape Florida Lighthouse

by Nadezhda Pavlova, Dep. Executive Editor

Cycling to the Keys – Florida Style

If you’re looking for an awesome short ride that has epic views, then this is for you. It’s a short “there and back” ride to the viewpoint of Cape Florida Lighthouse on Key Biscayne, starting from the very nice Museum Gardens in Miami.

In terms of places to take a coffee and eat along the way, there are lots of obvious options for you. Head initially through the streets of downtown Miami with care and then take the road over the water to Key Biscayne, passing Virginia Key Beach Park. View a few yachts and properties on Key Biscayne, before the lighthouse comes into view and you can enjoy the epic views before heading home.

Route Information

Start: Museum Park, Miami, Florida

Stats  39 km  50 metres

Refreshments & Where to Stay

Ample choices at start and finish

Character: Typical sunshine ride in Florida, taking in the epic views of both Museum Gardens in Miami and the Cape Florida Lighthouse at Key Biscayne- short but beautiful ride.

Note: take care when riding in Miami, wear a helmet, suitable clothing and make sure that your bike is serviceable. Tell others where you’re heading too.

Cape Florida Lighthouse

As the oldest structure in Miami-Dade, the lighthouse is a time capsule containing an immense amount of Florida history.

First erected in 1825, the Cape Florida Light has survived nearly 200 years of erosion, dozens of hurricanes, an attack by native Seminole Native Americans, and an explosion of lantern oil and gun powder. Yet, through all the tribulation, it still stands.

When the lighthouse was originally built, it guided sailors around the Florida reef helping them avoid an unfortunate accident. Today, the lighthouse is a cultural landmark that has been added to the National Register of Historic Places.

From the top, a wrap-around balcony supplies a legendary view over Key Biscayne. In the north onlookers get a view of world-famous Miami Beach. To the east swirls the Atlantic Ocean, home to dolphins, stingrays and manatees. In the south, the floating homes of Stiltsville are still visible standing over the water. And in the west, adventure seekers capture an unparalleled view of vibrant Cape Florida and Key Biscayne.

Information provided by: Florida State Parks Website

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