Parklands Cycle Route Florida

  • Urban Ride in Parklands

    Local route riding with Nadezhda

Parklands Cycle Route Florida

by Nadezhda Pavlova, Dep. Executive Editor

Urban Cycling Florida Style

The community of Parklands lies inland of Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale in South Florida. It’s a picturesque community of some 34000 people, with a typical Floridian feel to it. This ride weaves itself around the area and is a great training ride for local cyclists.

While oceanfront Fort Lauderdale is a city of blue, its neighbor, Parkland, shines as a city of green. West of Coconut Creek and sharing the east border with the Everglades, Parkland is a place dedicated to protecting its park areas. Nine parks span the city’s landscape, each providing recreation and relaxation opportunities for families within the community.

Go Park Hopping

As if the name did not sufficiently convey it, you can get your fair share of the great outdoors in Parkland. One of the nine parks’ standouts is Pine Trails Park, which rests in the heart of the city and is one of Broward County’s premiere recreation and sports facilities. It is home to an amphitheater that hosts concerts every month, especially a resident favorite: Eats ‘n’ Beats, an event with two performances, 20 food trucks and a can’t-miss family environment.

Route Information

Stats  62 km  7 metres

Refreshments & Where to Stay

This is a local ride within Parklands, so we’d expect it to be ridden by local people. However, for visitors, there’s ample hotels in the area, including a Marriott close to the start point. Take fluids with you on the ride and some energy bites.


A short and flat training ride that weaves its way around this community.  Start near the Shawgrass Center, a useful place to meet friends for the ride and simply follow the gpx file. The route goes to ‘Cypress Pavilion at Burt Aronson Park’ before returning via the same roads.

If you’re looking for more cycling or training tips, then simply click the banner at the foot of this page and read more from Nadezhda, including great kit reviews and triathlon tips. There’s also a great article on slow speed riding skills and how to practice them.

If you’re simply out on an evening spin, always wear a helmet and make sure that your bike is serviceable and in good condition. Wear sun screen and take lots of fluids too. Off you go and enjoy your cycling.

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