Q36.5 Termico Overshoes

The Termico Overshoe by Q36.5 neither looks nor feels like the traditional neoprene type which many of us are used to. They feel supple, lightweight and low bulk. The front panel is made of UF Thermal Shell, a laminated fabric, providing the greatest level of protection from the elements. It’s outer layer is a very dense, lightweight and water resistant lycra, the inner is Italian polyester fleece. Between these two fabrics is an active non-porous membrane, with thermal insulation, vapour transfer and waterproof properties.

The top and rear of the Overshoe are UF Hybrid Shell, a dense, lightweight fabric which is water resistant and wind blocking. This single layer has the inclusion of silver thread. Silver has properties which reflect and retain warmth, as well as conducting excessive heat, assisting in rider comfort, especially when descending, or if ride intensity increases.

The high level of stretch within both fabrics is particularly noticeable when putting on, and taking off the Overshoes, making the process easy! Subtleties like this are appreciated when getting ready to head out, or after a long ride in winter conditions.

Other distinct features are the zip and trim. The zip is at an angle across the back of the Overshoe. This offers improved comfort and minimises pressure on the calf area. I really like the bright green trims which are eye catching, assist visibility, and give that distinct Q36.5 style. Low light or night time visibility is factored into the design, with reflective thread used for the zip stitching. I began using the Termico Overshoe at the start of this winter. Since then, I have ridden in rain, sleet, high winds, and dry cold. The temperatures have ranged from just below zero up to around 10°C. The terrain has varied from flatland to the mountains of the Lake District.

I love the overall experience of riding. For this to be at it’s best, neither the equipment used nor the elements should detract from it. Unlike more traditional designs, the low bulk, stretch and protection of this Overshoe translates into a garment which you put on and forget it’s even there. Perfect! This remains constant, as the fabrics Q36.5 incorporate allow vapour transfer, preventing perspiration build-up, to avoid that clammy feel followed by sudden coolness, that wearing neoprene overshoes can give.

Q36.5 design their products to work in conjunction with each other, and their website contains recommendations regarding optimum clothing combinations for different temperatures.

This winter I have found the Be Love Zero Sock and Termico Overshoe to be a great combination, and will move to the Plus Sock as the weather warms. In very cold conditions Q36.5 recommend combining the Termico Overshoe with their Toe Cover, but fortunately this has not been necessary for me this winter. This is a resilient product; after one Winter’s use the Overshoes are showing very little sign of wear, assisted by the opening for the pedal cleat being appropriately sized to avoid the fabric surround being damaged (I use the Look Keo pedals).

The overall performance and design has led to this becoming a firm part of my essential equipment collection.