Ale Klimatik Winter Overshoes

Larisa Chinces

Cycle overshoes are simple really: they need to be waterproof, strong and stretchy, with excellent fastenings that don’t come apart, and they need to fit like … well, not a glove, but like a good tight and aero shoe cover 😉 Winter overshoes also need to keep your feet warm, and Italian brand Alé have designed their Klimatik covers to do the deed even at -2 degrees. How do they perform in action – well, actually very good, as we tested them here in Transylvania and back in North Yorkshire, both harsh winter riding locations, and the Klimatik covers showed their strength on all rides.

In the past, lots of overshoe tests have revealed poor zippers, weak seams and poor quality material, but not so with these high end shoe covers from Italy, which seem to have performance and style in abundance. On first appearance they look amazing, and when in use they perform superbly. Alé have really thought out the design and material noise for these covers and it shows. In particular, the front end of the cover, around the toe area, and also at the heel end, is strengthened with strong banding, and it really improves the cover in use. The stitching around the heel and cleat openings is well finished, with a strip of thick fabric bridging the sole. This Klimatik cover is designed to fit high around the ankle, with a wide and super strong elastic Ed ankle cuff, which is neatly trimmed in hi vis yellow.

It’s a waterproof polyester fabric, with a rubber membrane and it works superbly in keeping the rain water out. The fabric is also quite thick and insulated, and in use this helps to keep the feet nicely warm and snug. All the seams are welded and the zipper is strong and tough, with an insulated strip of fabric behind it, helping to keep it the cold and wind. The design and super stretchy materials used, mean that these Klimatik covers fit tightly to your shoes too and feel great. Styling is sleek and chic and they really do feel very tough indeed. Having used them over the winter in, in harsh Transylvanian conditions and in North Yorkshire, they’ve performed well in all conditions and we believe that they’ll last a long time. They also look great too.

Yes, even the shoe covers are stylish at ALÉ! They are slim and delicate but they do their job by keeping the feet warm enough! They have some glossy details on all the matt black material which I like, as it brings a dash of style to them.

Shoe covers are a great addition to any cyclist’s kit bag, and these Klimatik clovers from Alé are a high end performance product that it well worth the investment and can be used even in spring and autumn.