GribGrab Aero TT Glove

We’ve spent the summer looking at several gloves from Danish brand GripGrab, and their Aero TT gloves are a real stand out item. There’s nothing fancy about GripGrab, they simply design items to do as required, and these gloves fit … well, like a glove.

The glove is cut to cover and cling to the wrist, with the one-piece 4-way stretch fabric leading across the back of the hand and clinging nicely as they wrap the fingers too. Fitting tight around the wrist, there’s a well stitched and strong pull cuff to help get the gloves on and off. The palm side fabric is strong but smooth, with a brushed suede feel and a well thought out Dr Gel padding in the centre.

Adding to the strength, GripGrab have stitched an extra band of material across the base of the palm. The fingerless ends are also well finished off, with no loose ends or fraying, meaning that they’ll last a long time.

In use these gloves pull on easily, are super comfortable, and feel like a second skin. The pad is spot on, and not too bulky, providing good comfort even on a long hard climbing route in the Dales. They’re reasonably breathable, and have not left me with sweaty hands, and in the changeable Dales weather, they’ve also dried out really quickly. The design and colour is simple and clean, looking stylish and modern.

Whether or not you ride TT or simply like great kit, these Aero TT gloves from GripGrab are one of the best items we’ve reviewed this summer, maintaining their excellent standards. All you need to do is to go and get yourself a pair.