GripGrab Race Thermo Hi-Vis Overshoe

In the harshest of conditions you need the best of kit. Riding in the Yorkshire Dales in winter can be icy cold and snow bound at times, and these are the conditions for which this overshoe has been designed.

Made from the same 4mm waterproof Intelliseal Neoprene of the winter overshoe, it lacks the hollow fibre lining, but is designed to stay dry and to be seen, both of which it achieves. The RaceThermo shoe cover is featuring the new zipperless shoe cover design, that gives a perfect and snug fit around the shoe and calf, so water is kept out from the top and preventing water from penetrating through a zipper.

The RaceThermo shoe cover gives that racing look while effectively shielding your feet and shoes from the elements.

It’s a zipperless design to maximise sealing against the elements, and is oversewn along the front to ensure that the three neoprene panels provide the very best fit and protection. It’s often difficult to trust an overshoe which has stitching along the front, but the quality and design and the panels are expertly thought out, making sure that it does work and you are kept warm and dry. In fact, not even a high icy wind can penetrate the stitching, as we’ve found out on many rides.

There’s Kevlar reinforcing to the toe and engineered design around the heal area to add protection too. In terms of fitting,it simply pulls down over the shoes and is fastened underneath, where the sole is opened up except for the addition of a super secure velcro style fastening. The cuff is a separate neoprene panel, which is strong and stretchy to hold it firm against the ankle, and when used with the new GripGrab Cycling Gaiter, you have the ultimate protection.

What does Intelliseal provide:

Better Fit – closer and more secure fit around the sole of the shoe.

Better Durability – rubber protected stitches enhance the durability of the shoe cover.

Better Water Resistance – tight fit keeps water out for longer, reduces the tendency of shoe covers getting wet on the inside due to the wicking effect of the material along the edge of the shoe cover.

There’s even a neat little hi-vis fastener at the heal to hook a light too, adding to safety in busy winter roads. On the road, and indeed through winter forded streams on the mtb it def does the job well, and best of all the feet stay warm in all temperatures. It’s Intelliseal fabric is super tough and strong, meaning that this will be an investment for years to come. If you want to know more about the GripGrab Intelliseal fabric then click here