GribGrab Hurricane Gloves

There are some items of cycling gear that often get overlooked, but which are critical when looked at; gloves is one such item. A good pair will keep us warm, dry, protect us in falls, and allow us to use our smart devices whilst wearing them. A poor pair will do none  of these, and leave our hands soaked with damp sweat. This is why we love Danish brand GripGrab – they never let us down.

I’ve been testing the GripGrab Hurricane gloves since the autumn, and they’ve become my glove of choice. Designed as a cross season glove, they’re water resistant, breathable and very lightweight. Winter gloves can often be cumbersome and bulky, but not so here. They fit like…well, a glove! Close to the hand and fingers, lots of movement, allowing you to type into your smart device too. I’ve even been able to tinker with the bike whilst wearing these gloves; something that others can’t do.

I’ve worn them in freezing conditions across the Yorkshire Dales, on the high hills, with a cold wind. They’ve always done their job and kept me warm. And on the milder days, where you still need a glove, the breathability comes into its own. Padding is superb, with Dr Gel pads well placed, even protecting me when I slipped on an icy bend; now that’s a real test in my eyes, so well done GripGrab.

The ventilated neoprene cuffs are high around the wrists and tight fitting, meaning no cold air can get in. On effect I’d say that these are a great glove from mud autumn to early spring. The materials used and craftsmanship is superb, giving you a top quality glove that’ll last for years. All you need do now is go and get yourself a pair – well done GripGrab.