GribGrab Racing Gloves

MTB XC Racing Glove

I love innovative thinking, and GribGrab have come up trumps with their summer Racing Glove. Made with their usual attention to detail, they’ve gone a stage further this year, adding well thought out silicone gel inserts on the inside of the fingers, holding the glove firmly in place as you gain maximum control of the gears and brake levers, and all manner of other devices.

Utilising the same silicon on the outer finger tips, with their ‘never use your grip’ technology, smart phones and bike computers are easily tackled without removing the glove. The palm side suede is super tough, yet super smooth too, with perforations to let the hard working hands breathe, and a touch of silicon near to the cuff, helping to keep the glove well gripped onto the bar and reducing unwelcome movement and loss of control.

There’s no Dr Gel padding on the palms, but these gloves are made for the XC racer to get the most out of their ride, so I can see the thinking. However, some riders may not like the absence of a small pad, especially if using all day long. I’d be interested to see if a lightweight perforated Gel could be added…now there’s a thought.

The back of the hand is comprised of a tight fitting 4 way stretch mesh, that’s super strong and has the usual subtle GripGrab logo creating a stylish design. Stitching and finishing is top quality, and the low cut cuff holds things neatly in place and tight around the lower wrist, meaning that this glove fits…well, like a glove. If it was a car, it would be an Audi Avant; the extra Pad would just make it the RS model, but we think an Avant is just fine.