GripGrab Race Aqua Overshoes

You just need to look and feel these overshoes to know that they’re the very best quality. In fact, they look as good turned inside out as they do on the protective side. GripGrab have gone to town on the design and materials used, and they fit on easily, stretch with toughness, and simply perform superbly and look the business.

At the ankle there’s a strong and wide elasticated cuff, sewn directly to the ultra stretch waterproof fabric. GripGrab have gone for a close fit to keep the overshoe aero and the fabric strength is testament to their quality of material choice. Best of all, they’re suitable for all seasons, with them even performing on rainy winter days. Yes, if it’s snow and a real icy torrent, you’ll need something else, but thankfully GripGrab have that covered too.

The bottom sole area is made from a honeycomb mesh style strong weave in silver, which also adds some style, whilst also protecting the heel and toe from abrasion and rubbing. Cleat openings are large and will ensure that all shoes are catered for easily, and the covers slip over the shoes easily.

The zipper is a waterproof quality one, which is double stitched in and has a neat little weather flap at the top to stop rain drips. I’ve had several overshoes where in a short space of time, the zip gives way and the shoe is in affect useless. This has even happened at supposedly high end products. However, like I said, GripGrab have used several material types in the overshoe contruction, and each seem to work perfectly together, doing the stretching so that the pressure is taken away from the zipper itself.

In use the overshoes hug the ankle and the foot and keep the wind at bay, meaning the feet are kept nice and warm. No rain enters at any point, and it’s simply a quick wipe down to clean them off after a ride. Even during winter rain storms, these overshoes simply bead away the water,and I stay dry, meaning that these remain my overshoes of first choice and the benchmark for others.

There’s some white lettered branding on the outer sides to the shoe, but you’ll be proud to wear these, I promise you. Over the years of testing products, GripGrab never fail to impress and these Race Aqua shoe covers are a great example of their style and performance. They’re not the cheapest, but don’t buy twice badly, buy well once – we def recommend these.