Rudy Project and Bahrain Victorious – Thinking Ahead


The partnership between one of the world’s leading eyewear and helmet producers, and some of the top riders in the World Tour, began in 2016 and has been renewed for another three years. The team of Mohorič, Bilbao, and Caruso will continue to race with glasses and helmets from the Treviso brand of Rudy Project, wrapped safely and stylishly in some of the best helmets and sunglasses available.

Yes, Italian brand, Rudy Project announced recently, the renewal of its long-term collaboration with Team Bahrain Victorious as the official helmet and eyewear partner through to 2026. This year, 2024, will mark the eighth season together, providing the team with some of the most innovative products in the world of cycling. To date, Rudy Project is one of the longest-standing sponsors of the Bahraini formation, supporting them since their debut in the World Tour circuit.
Since the beginning of the collaboration, the meticulousness and attention to detail of both the brand and the team have been the driving force behind a fruitful partnership, yielding victories on one side and technological innovations on the other.

“We have been alongside this project since the team’s foundation, and it’s a pride to continue the collaboration for the next three seasons. We share a vision aimed at victory and performance. We are happy to put this continuous tension into practice, to help the team seek maximum performance also through our products,” states Cristiano Barbazza, President and CEO of Rudy Project.

“We are delighted to extend our partnership with Rudy Project until 2026. Rudy has been with us since the beginning, and their commitment to evolving and creating the safest and highest-performing helmets and glasses has been instrumental in our success. Rudy Project’s dedication to innovation aligns perfectly with our vision for victory and performance. We will continue to work together, pushing the boundaries to develop the best equipment in the peloton,” said Milan Erzen, Managing Director of Team Bahrain Victorious.

The team, making its debut in Australia at the Tour Down Under, which kicked off with the traditional “Down Under Classic” criterium on Saturday, January 13, will be equipped with new glasses and helmets, produced in the white, blue, and gold colors characterizing the team’s new, elegant livery. Time to take a closer look then.


The glasses used by the Bahrain champions are the Kelion and Astral models, made with a Rilsan Clear frame, a bio-plastic derived 45% from plants grown by certified farmers in Gujarat, India.
Meticulously designed to provide performance, adaptability, and comfort, and compatible with an optical insert, the Kelion features a cylindrical and wraparound lens that offers superior protection and an unobstructed field of vision.

The Astral, equally ergonomic, is characterized by its lightness and style. Three helmets will be provided to the team, and used as appropriate to the necessary race conditions.

The Egos, designed for the hottest days: a model with an innovative internal structure, designed to improve ventilation while ensuring excellent shock absorption thanks to the special DUAL DENSITY TECHNOLOGY.

The Nytron, an aerodynamic helmet with a compact and lightweight design, utilizes a combination of air intakes and internal channels to optimise ventilation and reduce head’s heating, enhancing the rider’s performance.

Finally, we have the Nytron Pro, an evolution of the basic NYTRON model, offers an unmatched balance between safety, comfort, and performance thanks to a detailed and meticulous analysis of aerodynamics, increasing the aerodynamic efficiency of the product itself through a more “closed” shape.

It’s some time since we tested out Rudy Project, here at Pedalnorth, but it’s a brand that has stayed high on our radar, and we’re excited to be looking again at them. From their home in Italy, the team of experts work closely with riders at the highest level, to continually drive forward technology and design, in a way that best supports the rider – but with that extra-special ingredient of Italian styling.


The Rudy Project collection is the result of nearly 40 years of experience and constant pursuit of excellence, and aims to elevate the performance of athletes at every level. Since 1985, Rudy Project sunglasses, helmets, and sport-vision solutions blend cutting-edge technology and innovative design with Italian style, craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail – and , it’s that attention to detail that makes them stand out in the peloton and elsewhere.

Champions in cycling, triathlon, skiing, and a multitude of other disciplines wear Rudy Project helmets and glasses in training and the world’s most important competitions. Thanks to athlete feedback, Rudy Project creates products that elevate the safety, comfort, and performance of all athletes.

Founded in 1985 in Treviso, Italy, Rudy Project has been a reference point in the sports eyewear sector for nearly 40 years and a leading brand in Made in Italy. The company manufactures 100% of its glasses in Veneto – even the helmets are designed in Italy, so that you can be assured of the heritage, the quality and the creativity. Rudy Project are now present in over 60 countries worldwide,  and continue to expand, led by the second generation of entrepreneurs: Cristiano and Simone Barbazza at the helm of this innovative, modern and outwardly focused brand.


RideToZero is the new vision that inspires every action of Rudy Project, a company with sport in its DNA but aware that climate change has generated immediate challenges to be addressed. Saving our planet is vital – to all of us and for all of us – and also, to be able to indulge in sports as a passion. Rudy Project has decided to embrace the RideToZero philosophy and is committed to reducing the environmental impact of products, design, and organizational processes. That’s a bold statement by such a world-leading brand, and knowing the team over in Italy as we do, it has some meaning behind it.

Keeping our environment healthy is the key to protecting the playgrounds for the sports we love: our planet. RidetoZero is the new philosophy that now aims every single action at Rudy Project. The goal is to minimize the environmental impact of all Rudy Project products, materials, packaging, design and organizational processes. Being aware that radical changes take time and reducing our environmental footprint is a tough challenge but hey – they’ve started a very important process at Rudy Project and they deserve our support.

We all want to keep exploring this vast and exceptionally varied and beautiful planet, and with Rudy Project helping to guide our way and look after us on the bike and off the bike too, we’ll be riding into a much healthier and brighter future together.

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