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Kit Reviews

Get ready for winter

Summer will always follow spring, and as sure as eggs are eggs, winter will always follow autumn. You’ll already have noticed the darker nights, colder days and colder winds. Yes, before you realise it, the rain will be turning colder too, and the mornings will be frosty and edged with white crystals.

Time then to consider what to wear to keep yourself warm. We recently wrote about the G4 Overshoes and the Ultra Lightweight Rain Jacket for autumn, so here’s our guide to moving on a step and staying winter warm.

These past 2 months I’ve had the chance to test some of the top road tires from Pirelli, who are back in the bicycle game. Pirelli is dedicated to making a wide range of high quality and technologically advanced tires, to meet the needs of the modern cycling community - and they have some heritage.

Time for a little history then:

Pirelli was founded in Milan in 1872 and today stands as a global brand known for it’s cutting edge technology, high-end production excellence and passion for innovation that draws heavily on its Italian roots.

Getting ready for the Autumn

There are three things about a UK autumn that are as predictable as a VW Golfs reliability, and no, it’s not that UK riders will be holding all three Grand Tour titles! That my friend is a fluke , albeit a very nice one from our perspective! Here goes the real issues to be concerned with as a cyclist: it will get colder, the wind will blow stronger, and you will at some point during your ride get wet.

My Romania...

I'm not an expert of cycling, neither road cycling nor mountainbiking, but one thing I am sure about and that thing is that I love cycling from the depth of my heart! I became adicted to cycling 3 years ago. I started with mountain biking and I immediately fell in love. After 1 year I hopped on the road bike and loved it too. Starting cycling was a life changing experience.

Cycling in Romania is a delight. There are a lot of beautiful trails or roads in the mountains and in the forests. The nature is wild, and not modified by mankind.

I get to test and review kit from all over the world. It's often difficult to say which is good and why, and it takes time, wearing it on all kinds of rides, and of course seeing how stylish the kit looks!

I chose the Intemporel kit from G4 dimension for the summer because it’s my favourite. Its simple, elegant and has a great design and choice of colours, and it’s fitted and comfortable. The summer range for 2018 is super stylish and super comfortable, and that’s important to stylish cyclists like me!

The first time I used it, I went for a 40 km  usual ride on the roadbike.