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ALÉ SUNSETCycle in Style

ALÉ Sunset Kit review, by Larisa Chinces

As you know, ALÉ Cycling is famous for its high quality Italian material and a variety of colours and prints. This spring I had the chance to review the new summer 2019 Sunset cycling kit from ALÉ

The jersey

The jersey has a very comfortable racing fit, thanks to an ergonomic cut and elasticized materials. What makes it special is its unique design and combination of colours. Colour is definitely back in style in cycling, especially for us ladies 🙂 It’s assets area raglan sleeve, low-cut anatomic neckline, long front fastener fitted with full-length zip and the material. The material represents the perfect mixture between performance and design. It’s ultra light and ideal for the summer heat. The Ale MICROFORATO LIGHT microfibre on the jersey front and sleeves has a high thread count for greater compactness and opacity.

The three back pockets are really safe, thanks to their exceptional elastic, specifically chosen to stop objects from falling out. A fourth and smaller back pocket closed with a reflective zip fastener is ideal for holding valuables, mobile phone or documents and, last but not least, comfortable and technical flat visible seams. Back and pockets are made of exclusive RIP PRO AIR, a fabric whose diagonal “Rip Stop” construction contains the so-called “Pro Air” zones. The external perforations make these garments extremely breathable and quick drying, because when we’re cycling and working hard, that breathability is critical.

What I like about the jersey are the underarm mesh inserts, where the yarn has been considerably lightened to facilitate ventilation and enable the fabric to dry even more quickly in an area particularly prone to increased temperatures which therefore requires special attention, wicking away the moisture from our hard work.

The design comes with a good grip on the front jersey edge. Fine and elastic, the thermal blended foil adapts to the body shape and accompanies its movements to discreetly ensure garment stability and keeping our shape and firm, which again is important to us #style  😉 The sleeve-edge gripper, made from a Lycra fabric with non-slip lining, sticks to the skin without feeling tight. The possibility to use a raw edge is a further boost to comfort.

The base layer

The Velo Active ALÉ Women Sleeveless Jersey feels very light and you can barely feel it while wearing it. It’s made from 93% polyester and 7% elastan.

The unique ALÉ style wears your skin. Riding in the summer when the temperature rises the base layer keeps you dry with the lightweight and breathable fabric. The base layer can help keep you comfortable on the bike by providing insulation, wicking sweat away from your skin or both. Comfort is critical and it’s not just the material being soft next to the skin that is important, it’s also the flat seams and no labels or tags, anything that can cause irritation or discomfort.

The rain jacket

The waterproof and windproof jacket keeps me dry and warm in cold and rainy days but not only. I live near the mountains and the weather can be very tricky. When going uphill to the mountains, I wear only the jersey and maybe some base layer underneath, but when I go on a descent I must put the windproof jacket on or else I’ll freeze. It has water-repellent fabric with a highly breathable membrane. Air-tight high collar, minimal but sealed seams and waterproof front zip with zip flap inside.

So, if you live in the mountains like me, you must have this jacket when your ride …trust me!

The bib shorts

For us ladies, it’s very important when it comes to the bib shorts. A cyclist lady can have some discomforts if the bib shorts don’t suit her. For example, if the straps are too rigid and harsh or the pad isn’t soft enough etc. The ALÉ bib shorts are lightweight with breathable mesh cling to the body because of the fine seamless gripper. It’s straps are elastic and wide enough to keep the bibs in place but also very comfortable due to their material and grip. What I really like about them is the same gripper feature on their lower edge, in a wider version (6.5 cm), finished with a raw edge.

🙂 Yes, I found them to be very comfortable and to fit me perfectly, due to an insert of elasticized fabric on the lower back edge of the leg, to enable the pants to adapt to different muscular types and to reduce any compression caused by the elastic on the lower edge of the leg. They have flatlock visible seams that prevent the garment from leaving marks on the skin as well as concealing a reflective tape applied all along the bottom edge of the pants.

An assertive design for a garment that continues to be associated with competitive sports, the Zaffiro fabric used for the crotch, Lycra Power certified and 40 gauge, is compact, opaque and, above all, hard wearing. Its multi-directional elasticity provides a correct muscular compression. The printed fabrics, where graphic motifs are a must, offer the same properties of compactness, resistance and opacity, thus enabling graphic personalization without compromising the technical performance of the garment. Redesigned in their shape and materials, the braces are now lighter and more comfortable.

The SUPERLIGHT AERO MESH, with its large open weave, facilitates a rapid dispersion of body heat and enables the garment to dry constantly and rapidly. The lower back section is combined with an insert containing carbon fibre, whose anti-static and anti-bacterial action is coupled with the capacity to accelerate the evaporation of perspiration and therefore impede the formation of moisture on the skin.

The ALÉ pad is made of elastic micro-fiber, specifically shaped for women, strategically positioned in the contact points. In the perineal and sciatic area, the padding is dense and calibrated and breathable on all covered points to ensure utmost protection against shocks and stresses of the road. The lateral shaped wings are flexible and follow the movements of a woman’s body while pedaling, adapting to the cyclist’s anatomy for high comfort.

The gloves

What I like most about the gloves is the color. The material is very soft and silky, and they have high cuff and padding on the palm and reflex transfer on the back of the hand. They are very girly and match with my style  😉

All things considered, the ALÉ Sunset summer kit is perfect for every female athlete body type, very stylish and comfortable. Looks professional and feels professional, what could you wish more!

Larisa 🙂

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