Larisa at Black Sea with Red Chilli Bikes

Black SeaRed Chilli atLarisa & her WR1 at Romanian CoastRed Chilli Bikes

Cycling on a RedChilli at the Black Sea

The Romanian Black Sea resorts stretch for about 275 kilometers of coastline, along the Black Sea coast, from the Danube Delta at the northern end, down to the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast in the south. An interesting fact is that other important resorts have names from Roman and Greek mythology, such as Eforie Nord, Neptun, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Olimp.

I arrived in Saturn resort, for my own planetary exploration! The weather was great, hot and the sun was shining. I have missed the sea so much!! I love the feeling when I walk barefoot on the sand and swim in the wavy, salty water. It’s so very relaxing and refreshing for me – body and soul. Watching the sunrise on the beach, feeling the salty sea breeze 🙂 , I could live like this forever.
Having taken my bike to the coast, I went cycling with my RedChilli WR1 bike on a relaxing road cycling route, following the Black Sea coastline. The area is mostly flat, so no hill suffering, but no downhills to enjoy 🙁  – thankfully, beautiful landscapes made up for this 🙂 .

Sea, Sand & Beautiful Views

The landscape was something new to me, as I’m used to cycling in the mountains in Transylvania, with climbs and descending. The air was different too; it was pleasant to beathe and also to feel it on the skin, like a silky warm thin blanket. The beach side area was however very crowded, and I had to make a slalom between people – I had to get my adrenaline from somewhere hahah?!

I’ve unfortunately cycled not more than 30kms per ride , as I didn’t know the place at all and I got on some streets with dead ends – oops! And to be honest, along the coast the roads were disrupted with some offroad segments. These short rides have however given me long periods sitting and looking across the coastal views, with my Red Chilli as my companion.

Shaded Views

Even though the weather was pleasant in the afternoon, suddenly it starts raining like crazy… (yay lucky me, I thought), but it was a warm rain and I got to hide under a tree and to see the beautiful rainbow, as it grew across the sky and helped my heart to smile. Being here, alone in my thoughts with such views and a rainbow – wow!

Riding on the Redchilli on the flat roads and good asphalt felt like flying. Feeling the wind in my hair and enjoying some really amazing sunsets and landscapes. Along the coast, on the other side, I cycled past 4 lakes with magical names: Saturn Lake, Tismana, Neptun I and Neptun II. The lakes were full of water birds, like swans, seagulls, and others which I don’t know the name of, but which looked as amazing and wonderful as the landscape itself.

Coastal Cycling – Slow Style

It was the best idea to bring my RedChilli with me in this holiday at the sea. In the morning before breakfast I would do some stretching and bodyweight exercises at the beach, then I enjoyed some full hours in the sun getting tanned, swimming in the green teal water and tasting the local fish dishes.

In the last days of my holiday, I escaped a bit from the Romanian seaside and went across to Bulgaria, near the border for more wild beaches and sleeping in a tent. I manage to bring my SUP with me and being my first time on the sea with it, it felt amazing due to the waves!

Healing the Soul

I know that I’m a mountain girl at heart, yes – but, I’m also a girl who loves nature. Being at the coast, relaxing, with the sun beating down on me, the cool breezes and being able to simply ride my Red Chilli bike in a relaxing way for a change, it was magical. Racing down the mountain roads can wait a while I think – for now I’ll be a sun worshipper, and I’ll relax on the beach with a drink… and with my Red Chilli bike ready to explore the beautiful coastline with me!

Summer is almost over, but it was a great experience, and I can’t wait to do it again sometime. Why don’t you take a look at Romania for a relaxing holiday by the sea 🙂

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