Refined Roadwear Ladies Pro Jersey – Cycle Words Collage

Larisa Chinces takes a look at this stylish kit from European high end brand, Refined Roadwear, testing it in the Carpathian mountains in Romania.

Larisa Chinces

Cycling may well be a sport, but it’s also a great way to just chill out and stay fit. Taking this line, there’s every reason to also try to look stylish too. Brands such as Refined know this, and are now producing excellent designs for us ladies, to make sure that we look good wherever we are and whatever we’re doing.

However, when we are cycling, the clothing also needs to perform well too. You may look like a million dollars, but if you’re also uncomfortable, you won’t enjoy it. If you work hard to look stylish when out on the town, why not do the same when out cycling. Refined Roadwear have designed a great range of clothing this year, to help you to do just that. With bright colours and stylish designs, they really do look very nice indeed – but how do they perform? Time to see…

Thankfully their current range is super stylish and super comfortable. The Women’s Pro Jersey is race cut from multiple panels, many of which are perforated and mesh to help breathability and wicking, with a variety of quality materials used around the garment. The multi-panel cut helps with the fit, whilst allowing Refined to use a variety of materials in different areas.

At the front the material is sweat wicking and its material is thinner, ensuring that it keeps the wind at bay, but also that your body can breathe. Talking about breathing, under the arms, Refined have used a lighter mesh style cloth, so that when you perspire, the moisture can escape, keeping you comfortable and reasonably fresh.

Ladies cycling jersey

This is extended down the sides, in a wide mesh panel which feels very light and very comfortable. The mesh panel on back is slightly heavier material than the front mesh, with a thicker 4 way stretch lycra on the back too, to keep you warm. It has three pockets with Refined logo taking centre stage.

They’re cut to be tight to the garment and not loose, yet not super tight. They are just right, and are easy to reach and they store things well. Jersey pockets are critical on long rides, and these are well thought out.

The material used on the arms is tough, tight fitting and super stretchy, meaning that is clings to the arms and keeps the jersey looking neat. Down on the hem, Refined have used good quality terraband to keep things tight and in place, and a wider terraband on the arms to grip you.

The stitching is flat-locked so won’t rub, and is well finished on the inside, with no loose ends. The zipper is strong and tucked behind material to help keep the wind out.

It’s all top quality materials used by Refined that stretch and return to shape well, keeping you all in and looking stylish. It’s a modern and sleek tight fit, makes me feel like a racer, cool and stylish. This is a well-made, comfortable jersey that is super fun to ride in. It has little details on the purple area, doodles and cartoons which are very fun and eye catching.

I’ve been using the Refined jersey all summer, and into early autumn. It fits where it should, looks fantastic, and allows me to concentrate on enjoying myself and riding, as the materials perform well, keeping me cool when required, and dry and fresh. Overall, it’s a great item that will stand out from the crowds in the right way, with its subtle style and eye catching colour mix and design.