Sean Sako – Designer

Taking a global and independent thinking approach to cycling, we’re always looking out for people, and for cycling kit that has something extra and adds some colour and interest to our lifestyle.

Sean Sakinofsky has both: probably the coolest dude on a bike (according to us), and a great designer of cycling apparel to boot. Having known Sean for a while, we thought it was about time to introduce both him and his great design ethos to our readers. A few quick emails and here it is – an interview that goes behind the main cycling strands, and speaks to one of those people that actually make cycling so special and unique…and we both love socks!

What was your first bike?

If memory serves me well, it was an old Raleigh. Very similar to that of a postman’s bike. I was about 6 years at the time. My first racing bike was an old Peugeot. I have had so many bikes since then. I think I have maybe gone through about 30+ frames to date.

Did you cycle as a family when you were younger?

Never, I have always been a loner and the bike was a vehicle to satisfy this.

Q: What really drew you to cycling?

If I look back when I cycled as a youngster it was a sense of freedom and adventure. Today, it’s where I find my solitude.

Have you ever raced competitively?

Actually yes, mainly time trials. I think if memory serves me well, I even one a provincial championship. This was sometime time ago.

Where’s your favourite place to ride?

The coastal road on the Atlantic Seaboard and the old Table Mountain Road in Cape Town, South Africa. However, nothing compares to the history, the ambiance of Alpe d’Huez. Best day I ever spent on a bike was with Peter Appleton in May 2015; we rode up Alpe d’Huez in the snow. EPIC!

How many bikes do you have currently, and what’s the favourite?

Not enough! Actually only 3. They are all RITTE: 2 x ACES and 1 x SNOB. The SNOB was customized by Jared. I have to say, I think the SNOB is my favorite. Actually they’re all my favourite. They all have their own uniqueness believe it or not.

Your cycling kit is renowned for the powerful designs. How did you get into designing cycling gear and what inspires you?

Socks was the item of apparel that did the trick. I am a strong believer that socks are the ultimate finishing piece to any cycling kit. It all started with socks and the rest followed. I think the human form inspires me more. I love tattoos and because cycling is body hugging, it’s like painting directly onto the human body with Lycra. Last but not least, I’m tired of seeing billboard cycling kits with all the sponsors on them.

What’s the most important aspect of the process when looking at new gear: the design, the cut, the material and manufacturing process, or are they all equally as important?

Design. There is so much out there; how do you stand out; how do you get noticed? I think this is paramount to me.

Cycling has seen a massive growth over the past few years. Which areas still need to develop in your opinion?

Well, my experience is that each country is different. The industry in the various countries have their own personalities. However, I think cycling needs to become more lifestyle and less competitive.

I believe that we need to see our lifestyles, the places we go, become more bicycle orientated. This way, we’ll spend more time in Lycra and get more cars off the road.

What or who inspires you in design?

I’m inspired by so much: artists, musicians, movies, and cycling legends.

Same question for cycling Sean; who inspires you?

Greg LeMond was my hero growing up. I never got to watch him as a boy, but Jacques Anquetil definitely.

Where do you see Sako7 going in the future?

We’re looking at various new items to add to our current offering. But for now, we’re sticking to the basics. Socks, bidons and kit.