Rotor Q Rings on MTB And Gravel Bike

Rotor Q Rings can be a great addition and upgrade for mountain bikers and for Gravel Bike users, helping those with knee pain issues in particular. The technology and science behind them is constantly developing. Time then for us to take a detailed lookat them with Scott Cornish.

Absolute Black double chainrings

Some riders swear by them, others aren’t so convinced. Oval chainrings can be a bit marmite, but are certainly here to stay, with Absolute Black dedicated to the cause.

Absolute Black Road Chain Rings

Absolute Black are absolute quality in terms of the items that they produce. We’re really impressed with the quality of the finishing, the machining and the anodising on their premium oval chain rings. The level of detail is superb, with obvious care and attention given to the finished item that carries their brand name.

Rotor Q Rings for MTB

Rotor Q Rings for Road