Biehler All Season Windshell Jacket

Biehler all season jacket is a great example of the quality from this high performance German brand.

Windshell jackets are tricky, whatever your thoughts or styling preferences. Personally I don’t always mind the ‘yellow jacket of authority’, as it has a purpose. In the main though, I like a bit of style and design to match the functionality.

All too often brands produce something below par and think that by adding their label, they can charge the earth—not so I’m afraid. The consumer is far more intelligent than ever before, and this means a little bit more work by the brands. Biehler have obviously grasped this concept and, being cyclists themselves, they’ve come up with a cracking windproof and waterproof jacket for the bleaker seasons in cycling.

First things first, the design of this jacket links in with the rest of their very stylish Camou range. So your great looking new gear design isn’t hidden away, and you can still look the cats whiskers whilst out riding— a very important point for me. Style isn’t everything…it’s more critical than that!

Another critical element for me has to be safety. Now the ‘yellow jacket of authority’ has this in spades, but fails miserably on style. So what have Biehler done to maximise your safety? They’ve created a jacket that glows in the dark—yes, it really does! Mrs Editor pointed this out to me when I was sitting in the dark, preparing for a night ride.

No, I wasn’t using Zen Buddhist contemplation pre-ride — it was just dark! Perfect then – so far both boxes ticked by this quality German brand. Fit is also an important factor in windproof and waterproof jackets. We’ve all had to endure those sail-like jackets that flap around and bellow out, making us look like caricatures of weirdo cyclists, that normal people want to avoid. With this stylish Camou jacket, the tight-fitting body-shaping multi-panel race cut is fashioned to fit closely, reducing wind drag and improving water-repellence. Under the arms Biehler have even added some 4 –way stretch thermal material to keep you warm. Just the job on cold night rides.

Biehler state that the material used in this jacket is a breath-active and slightly elastic windstop material that hears the important name DRYSTORM. All I know is that it’s top quality and does its job superbly. I’ve tested it in the cold and windy Yorkshire Dales over early winter and never been cold. It’s kept the showers at bay and fitted me like a glove — no, a well-fitting jacket.

Tackling some tough routes and steep climbs, the material was as breathable as you need for the level of waterproofing required. I never felt uncomfortable and the jacket dealt adequately with the moisture, internally and externally.

Finishing things off, the collar is cut high to maximise protection from the wind and rain, and the tough zipper is neatly tucked away too. On the back you’ve got three ample sized pockets to store things away, and the compression on the pockets is excellent, stopping that annoying sag and rattling around. There’s a top quality anti-slip rubber MicroLine gripper finish all round, holding the jacket in place.

Price wise, this is currently comes in around £120 (UK) and we think this is a great price at this quality. We definitely like this jacket, and continue to be impressed by the quality, functionality and design from Biehler, who obviously take great pride in their brand.

It’s a great jacket that will serve you well and keep the style marks high too. Now go add this to your cycling wardrobe