Biehler Pro Team Intergalaktisch Jersey

A lightweight, race fit, ultra technical jersey from German brand Biehler, designed for pro level racing or for just having a great ride in the very best gear. This is the ultimate technical race garment for spring and summer.

Whatever anyone else says, style is also important, and this is a super stylish modern design that looks the business, while keeping the rider ultra comfortable.

When we look at a what a high performance jersey requires, the list is complete on this terrific short sleeved offering.

Biehler have used a heavier weave lycra at the front, but still light, to maximise performance while still keeping the cold wind out, and it does exactly this.  To the rear is a light weave mesh material to help breathability and moisture wicking, and this is complemented on the side panels, with an even lighter mesh weave, that is continued to the sleeves. The fully constructed sleeves are formed from an elasticated cloth that clings tightly and aids aerodynamics. Biehler even tested this jersey in a wind tunnel in order to maximise the design.

In use it fits perfectly and performs like a second skin, which is the intention of the design on this high performance jersey. And, despite the lightweight nature of these superb technical materials, they’re super strong and stretchy, meaning that it makes you look and feel like a cyclist.

To aid the dedicated rider even more, there’s a new sleek pocket design, with sloped access on the outer two pockets, so that items are quickly retrieved. The collar is likewise cut low and tight to the lower neckline.

We’ve tested this jersey here in the Yorkshire Dales, around France and elsewhere. It’s been ridden in the sun, in the rain (where it dries quickly), and we’ve given it the multiple wash test.

Our result – it’s a jersey that deservedly sits at the high end of performance, and it’s a super stylish design for both men and women. The bright base colour is subtly complimented with blended shades of blue pink and purple in soft merging galactic theme. It simply oozes quality and style and is definitely an eye catching winner on the roads.

Biehler work closely with UCI riders, and the trickle down technicity is beginning to show. Knowing the brand well, and the great team involved, this jersey is a winning example of greater things to come from this European brand.