Biehler Long Sleeve Thermal Race Fit Jersey

Another great custom option from Biehler for groups and clubs. As always with this German brand, the quality is excellent.

Biehler don’t go for fancy strap lines or models. Their gear is designed to do simple things: to be comfortable, stylish, warm and functional. This jersey is simply called their thermal long sleeved jersey, and it does all of the necessary things very well.

Made from two highly thermal materials, the jacket is warmer on the back where you’re definitely going to feel things, and nicely breathable, with a good balance between keeping the cold out and letting you work hard. Biehler have thought about their choice of materials, ensuring that the moisture you create is passed quickly outside. The panels are cut for a good race fit, meaning it looks stylish, and clings neatly to you, allowing a rain jacket to fit nicely on top when the wet stuff falls. The pockets are superbly stitched into the garment, providing ample storage , and our only addition would be a zip pocket for keys, but it’s a minor storage point in a modern world.

The collar is high cut, adding to the warm and snug feeling , and the good quality full length zipper is also designed to keep the breeze at bay. I’m a stickler for good zips, – it’s just my thing I’m afraid – so it’s reassuring to see time spent by designers on this point. Down at the waist there’s a good quality gripper to hold things firm, and the cuffs are as the rest of this garment, simple and functional in a comforting way. There’s nothing fancy about this jersey. It just is what you need and what you’d expect for a winter long sleeve.

We also like the simple design, without garish colours. Just a modern look, with the branding subtly built into things. We tested the jersey with thee lime green trim, which is very nice on the lower sleeves, providing a little touch of extra visibility to other road users – vital at this time of the year.

Where and how did we test the jersey? On several long rides into the Yorkshire Dales, on both road and mountain bike,; and on a series of fast and furious night time criterion style spins around town.

We were kept warm, dry on the inside and very comfortable. And at the end of the day, that’s all we ask for.