Biehler Matrix B-Powerful Bib Shorts

How do you make a bib short that fits well? It’s an interesting question, and one that constantly troubles brands. We cyclists come in all manner of shapes and sizes, so it’s definitely a challenge. Having been testing and reviewing gear for some time now, I’d say that one important aspect is the number of panels used; the more panels, the better chance you have of a good fit. However, there’s more design and more stitching work required, adding to the price, which is why some brands tend to try to keep the panels to a minimum without affecting the quality, and in many cases they achieve this.

Biehler from Germany like a challenge though, and these Matrix B-Powerful bibs have in excess of 10 cuts of material cleverly stitched together, providing the ultimate fit, comfort and compression; and the way in which the stitching has been cleverly woven into the design adds to the stylish look, producing a vibrant and modern look that sets you apart in the peloton. It’s all neatly finished with the Biehler logo down the side, which you’ll be proud to display, as this is a high end garment for racing or the keen hobbyist out for a recreational ride.

Biehler state that they’ve used 5 different materials on the bibs, so being picky, we checked it out, and sure enough… There’s a mesh styled Matrix Aero fabric element going on down the side of the legs, allowing more breathability, the usual hard-wearing areas covered by 4 way stretch PowerLycra Endurance.

Compression materials have been carefully chosen and situated to maximise Endurance assistance, and in practice this is actually noticeable. I like to work hard on the hills, meaning that by the end of the ride I’m just plain tired; but these bibs do provide welcome assistance. We’ve even used them through the winter, paired with Biehler and other branded warmers, and they’ve kept me warm, drying off well when required to. The material balance is spot on, meaning that they’re also very breathable on the warmer days.

The mesh upper is strong and top quality, so will retain shape over time, and has a neat pocket for a radio. The legs are finished with a wide Powerband, keeping things neatly in place and allowing Biehler an opportunity to add some colour to the mix. As for the pad, that very important element , it’s a 4D Pro Carbon cushion that we’ve tested on some long day rides into the hills, and are happy to say does that job supremely well.

I’d genuinely like to be able to find a negative, but I can’t. Every area of detail is well done, down to the flat lock stitching and quality of the printing. Coming in around the £100 mark, these aren’t cheap, but they are worth every penny.