Biehler Elite Bib Shorts

These Neo Classic Ultra-Light bibs from German brand Biehler are at the cutting edge of technicity in cycle clothing.The company have used all of their knowledge from pro team support and development, producing an absolutely awesome bib short.

They’re extremely lightweight and have a uv-protection of 50+, and are designed and cut with a pro team race position in mind. Biehler have used the very best aerodynamic lightweight fabrics, and focused on strength, elasticity and compression, so that the bib shorts are not just worn, but that they actually help the cyclist too, forming a second skin on the legs.

How does this work in practice – very well indeed actually. Taking them out on some epic rides, you immediately feel like you want to ride, and the legs are looked after along the way, with that ‘comfortably close fit’ effect. At the hems, the bibs are kept tight and in place by their own BLR Powerband anti-slip technology, which works like terraband, but which is without a doubt the toughest and strongest bib edging I’ve come across – superb work here Biehler. The quality of this edging is totally awesome.

And, when you’ve ridden hard and the moisture has been coming, Biehler have thought about this too, using antibacterial mesh on the upper back area and the straps. All of the materials used are high end 4 way stretch and super strong. On test, we’ve pulled at them and they simply hold tight and return to form, which means that when you wear them, they fit like a glove …or a well-designed pair of bib shorts. If they were a car, they’d be a turbo charged Audi Quattro.

Finally then, the plain black styling is complimented with subtle BLR branding and some neat reflective strips to the rear of the legs, meaning that they go with all the jerseys in the range, and with any other jerseys that you may have.

In terms of the pad, it’s a multi density air cell, maximising comfort and ventilation on the hottest of days and on the longest of rides. Biehler simply do things very well indeed, and these shorts, whilst at the premium end of the market, will serve you well and last a long time.