Biehler Pro Expert Fink Bib Shorts

German brand Biehler say that there are 5 different technical materials used in their pro level Fink bib shorts, and I can see this. They’re a well thought out, compression bib short, made for those who want to get the most out of their cycling.

Multiple well cut panels ensure that the strong 4 way stretch materials fit you closely and don’t move about, meaning no rubbing and chaffing. The upper leg panels are particularly strong and stretchy, with excellent compression qualities provided from the hard wearing powerlycra fabrics, with a lighter technical weave as you go up the bibs, towards the evo mesh straps. There’s even a pouch fitted in the back of the straps, so that your race radio is dealt with.

The legs are held firm with a wide powerband, rubberised just enough on the inside to ensure that fitting is firm too. The last thing any cyclist wants is the bib shorts riding up and moving around, and this is well dealt with by Biehler.

Moving to the critical area of the pad, as always, Biehler have chosen a quality Carbonium 4D layered and sectional chamois, ideal for even a long day on the hills, and great for soaking up an6 moisture when riding in the heat of summer. It’s light for the performance provided though, and is extremely soft. All stitching is flat-locked to ensure no rubbing, and shows off the quality that Biehler put into all their garments.

These are a standard black bib short, with minimal colour trim, in the shape of subtle Biehler branding, meaning that they go with several jerseys from the Biehler range; this is always useful for maximising. It’s in your cycling wardrobe, and the bibs are hardwearing enough to last a good few seasons.

In use, we’ve used these in late winter, with leg warmers, and they’re super warm and quick drying. When the rain does fall, the bibs stay in pales and repel light showers, also drying well after a good shower. They’re also comfortable and reasonably breathable on a warm spring or summer day too. Climbing hills is a joy with these bibs looking after the comfort elements, and were more than happy to recommend them to any rider.

If you have only one pair of bib shorts, these Fink bibs from Biehler should be on your list, and will help you to maximise both style and performance, at a reasonable price point.