Route Information

Stats: 24 miles, 3250 feet of ascent

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Lots in Sedbergh. Slightly more constrained choice in Ravenstonedale


Big, beefy climb followed by a rollicking descent down the much-rated singletrack of Bowderdale.


1. Head up Howgill Lane past the playing-fields and climb about a steady mile on tarmac to a prominent brow. (Your own brow will probably be quite prominent by now). Take the bridleway on your right.

2. Now start really climbing. Zigzag up steep pasture, passing just to the left of the tiny peak of Winder.

3. Follow the ridge up, up, and still more up, with just a brief respite of down before the last pull to The Calf.

4. Gallumph down steep ground heading ENE but swing left to avoid the perilous declivity of Cautley Spout, instead dropping sharply into Bowderdale to the N.

5. Follows the valley down on gnarly singletrack until you reach a small tarmac road.

6. Turn right, and then take the second right just before the A-road. Take the track alongside a copse to re-join tarmac. Zigzag across farmland to Ravenstonedale.

7. Gird yourself for the 2.5 mile tarmac climb to Adamthwaite.

8. Take the bridleway on the left skirting the fellside before the descent to the Narthwaite.

9. Follow bridleway down the western side of the Rawthey valley to Thursgill. Spin down to the A683 and roll back into Sedbergh.

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