Burtersett and Dodd Fell

Route Information

Stats 12.5 miles

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Refreshments & Facilities

Lots of pubs and cafes in Hawes if you can elbow your way through the throngs of motorcyclists. Nothing en route except what you pack.


This is an excellent evening ride or one for a slow afternoon. It climbs dramatically up the fellside above Wensleydale on good tracks. Strong pedalling is required. Having not ridden much recently, Norman showed me a clean pair of wheels as I plugged away at the back. The descent is believed by some to be one of the most technical in the Dales – if not the north of England – so beware; good handling skills are required. However, this is soon rewarded with one of the fastest descents anywhere. Keep away from the brakes and hold tight!

The track across the fellside from Burtersett requires good navigation skills, but it’s worth it. At the 2 ½ mile point of the ride, the bridleway splits into 2, although this split is unsigned and the track required – the left hand (southerly) track is initially indistinct. However, taking the wrong track leads to a wide detour across boggy moorland. You have been warned. A good choice of tracks soon shows a fine track across the moor which leads to the Cam Road.


1. Head out of Hawes on the A684 going East towards Bainbridge. After a few minutes, turn R up a narrow lane to Burtersett. Bridleway at Burtersett begins at SD 890891. Dink right from the road (Slippery road sign) then head up to the left. (See image left)

2. Now start climbing. Through gate in wall, bridleway and footpath junction (split) SD 883876. Take bridleway, the right hand of the two tracks.

3. Bridleway splits at SD 882875. Head south on left hand bridleway (indistinct)

4. Join Cam Road at SD 881869. Turn right and head along the Roman road until you meet the tarmac road. Follow this for a few minutes then fork right onto the Cam Road again (See image below).

Take the R turn onto the Pennine Way.

5. Follow this and stay on the bike until you reach Hawes.

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