Chapel Challenge

Route Information

Stats: 51 miles and  7400 feet of ascent – yes!

OS Map:


Start at Saint John’s Chapel, and ask in Chatterbox cafe which serves as route HQ and register for a leader board time.

This is an isolated route with very few opportunities along the route. Stock up beforehand and get ready for a hard day.


The most intense and brutal 50 mile route in the North Pennines. A double figure 8 using the steepest hills of the Weardale valley, taking in each hill as both up and down.


1. Starting at Saint John’s Chapel, head up Weardale and turn right at the Weardale museum for New House.

2. Tackle the first double big climb.

3. Turn right at the top of Middlehope and drop down into Westgate.

4. Turn right and head back to Saint John Chapel. After the cafe, turn left (signed Langdon Beck) and climb to England’s highest paved pass – Chapel Fell.

5. After the downhill, turn left then left again at Newbiggin signed for Westgate.

6. Start the climb of Swinhope and drop to a crossroad before turning left to Daddry Shield.

7. Turn right and then left at Westgate signed for Rookhope.

8. Climb the steepest hill of the challenge of Peat Hill and turn left at the top.

9. Drop into Middlehope and climb out again to drop down New House and turn left.

10. Turn right at Daddry Shield then right at the crossroad and up onto Swinhope then right at Newbiggin.

11. Turn right after Langdon Beck and climb for the final time onto Chapel Fell. A nerve racking descent back down the fell and turn right to Chatterbox cafe.

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