Great Hograh Moor

Route Information

Stats: 14 miles 2133 feet of ascent (medium route)

OS Map:


The ride starts and finishes at Ingleby Greenhow where you should be able to park up. We parked near the Dudley Arms PH, a great little country pub.

There’s also a fantastic butchers shop in the village, selling pies and flapjacks for you to stock up on in advance. Nearby Great Ayton has a good selection of cafes.


If you like singletrack with some climbing and descending thrown in then this is the route for you. At only 14 miles it really packs a punch, starting off with a steep climb of Ingleby Bank over rough and technical terrain. Then the singletrack begins, giving you a taster of what’s on offer further along at Great Hograh Moor. A rolling ride back to Baysdale Abbey, before climbing moorland tracks again, then a superb descent of Ingleby Bank to finish, testing your line choice and handling skills.


1. Starting from The Dudley Arms at Ingleby Greenhow, climb the lane (Stone Stoup Hill) that turns left and heads towards Kildale. As you leave the village a narrow junction (signed cul de sac) to the right – take this towards the moors.

2. Continue up, passing Bank Foot Farm and ignoring the BW to the right. Go through the metal gate into the trees and climb steeply on good forest tracks. It’s the middle track of the three that you need to take – heading up!

3. Reaching the end of the trees a large gate takes you onto the steep and rough climb of Ingleby Bank. No shame in walking sections of this; it is extremely rough and technical – great for coming down, but hard going up.

4. As you reach the top of the climb a BW junction is signed to your left by two metal posts with a chain between them. Ensure that it is the BW directly to the other side of the chain that you take. Here the singletrack begins, leading on from a short doubletrack introduction section. The singletrack spits you out on a good moorland hard packed shooting track with a doubletrack leading off opposite. Turn left on the shooting track and follow this all the way to the tarmc at Battersby Bank.

5. At Battersby Bank descend the steep tarmac to Baysdale Abbey, seen sitting in the picturesque valley below. As you descend this road, ignore the BW signs off to the left and continue down to the Abbey itself. Once at the Abbey a BW takes you to the left, passing agricultural buildings, though a gate and onto a good double track to the side of sheep meadows. Follow this track until it turns uphill at a wall towards Thorntree House (farm).

6. At Thorntree House follow the doubletrack as it climbs steeply through the small woodland to a large gate at the moor edge. The shooting track is seen to continue easliy ahead; however, we need to take the indistict track (BW) to the left that runs alongside the trees. Initially rough doubletrack, this soon merges into good singletrack that twists you around and across to join the shooting track further along.

7. Exiting onto the shooting track, turn left and descend the track at speed to the BW junction in the valley bottom near to the ford. Ignore the ford and the initial narrow track that you will see leading off to the right. Taking this will mean a bike hike or accidents. Instead, ride along a further 100 yards before taking the track down to your right, crossing the footbridge across the beck (stream) onto Great Hograh Moor.

8. The rough and rocky singletrack now climbs with a degree of technical difficulty onto easier singletrack above. Once past the difficulties enjoy the sweet singletrack across the moor as it rolls you along towards Westerdale.

9. Dropping down from the moor onto a narrow tarmac lane, turn left and descend to the ford at Hob Hole. A steep tarmac climb waits, testing your stamina before a welcome exit left onto the BW above Baysdale Beck. Follow this excellent track which varies between double and singletrack, rolling along and passing BW junctions to the right, before turning you through a narrow gate in the drystone wall and descending the rough meadow back down to Baysdale Abbey.

10. Once back at the Abbey a BW is signed in a meadow to the left of the road you descended earlier. This crosses the meadow before entering the trees and climbing towards the moorland. Exit the trees at the gate leading onto the moor and climb the shooting track onto Ingleby Moor. As the climbing eases a junction of tracks is reached on the left. Take this (BW) which turns you back NW towards Ingleby Bank. This excellent track eventually rejoins the shooting track you rode earlier. Cross straight over onto the singletrack and ride back to Ingleby Bank and the chained fence.

11. Once at Ingleby Bank lower your saddle, hold on tight and choose the right line as you descend rock steps and water ruts and follow the map back to Ingleby Greenhow and a well earnt rest.

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