Hooksway & Goodwood

Route Information

Stats: 24 miles / 2608 ft

OS Map:


The best place to start this ride is at the Harting Down National Trust Car Park, which is very popular due to the great views but is only £2 for the whole day and sizeable to handle the busiest of days. The route takes in the Cocking Farm shop (great local icecream and pastries) with a splattering of village pubs either on route or not far from it. So ensure to check out your OS and plan your stops.


Another South Downs classic. This brings together many elements that is so good about this National Park. There’s the chance to race against thorough-bred race horses as we ride parallel to Goodwood, test your climbing prowess on epic climbs before being rewarded with tree-lined descents and views across the Solent.


1. From the car park at Harting Down head east along the South Downs Way (SDW) for about 6 miles. Descend to Cocking Farm for that ice-cream or quick water stop before continuing east on the SDW as you climb out of Cocking.

2. After ¾ mile and at the Cross Dyke on top of Heyshott Down, turn right onto the bridleway (BW) that takes you south towards Burnoak Gate before delivery you into Charlton (nice pub)

3. Turn left, then first right before Charlton Farm to pick up the BW to Charlton Park and makes you hug part of the Goodwood race track

4. Follow until it brings you out onto the road and turn hard right and ride past the main Goodwood grandstand on the road

5. At the T-junction, turn right and after about 150 meters take the BW to your left that takes you past the Trundle hill fort

6. Heading west stay on this BW until it descends down to Binderton House

7. Turn right onto the A286 then first left and continue on the country lane, before crossing the B2141 and taking the BW straight ahead towards Kingley Vale

8. At the cross-roads of two BWs turn 90 degree right and continue onto Kingley Vale and
up to Bow Hill

9. Stay straight on this BW and follow your nose ignoring the fire road junctions to stay on the BW

10. As another BW comes into intersect the one you are on to a T-junction turn hard right again to descent about ¾ mile to Chilgrove Hill ensuring not to descend all the way to the B2141

11. At this crossroads of BWs turn left to continue on to Bow Hill Farm

12. Follow until you join the road, turn right, then right again as you perform a Zig-Zag on the B2141 to pick up the BW called Philliswood lane

13. Once on Philliswood Lane, follow until it brings you out at the Royal Oak pub at the Hooksway. Perfect spot for lunch or almost a post ride pint!

14. After your stop at the Royal Oak. Take the BW at the pub, north to pick up the SDW and retrace your steps back to the Harting Down carpark

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