Littondale Loop

Route Information

Stats: 19.6 miles and 6500 feet of ascent

OS Map:


Limited accommodation at Arnclife, but all of it is well worth it. The Falcon Inn serves great food for when you’ve finished. Nearby Kettlewell has ample Inns and small cafes, together with good accommodation choices and a Youth Hostel.


Expansive views of Malham, the valley behind the famous Yorkshire peak Pen-y-ghent (which most people completely miss when they are slogging it up the craggy slopes!) and then a comfortable descent back into Littondale, onto Halton Gill and back to the start point in Arncliffe.

This route is famous for a completely different reason. Your riding through what is actually Emmerdale or in other words where the soap gets it’s origins. Arncliffe is the start point and I’m sure you’ll want to visit the The Falcon Inn.


1. Park up in Arncliffe in a safe place and a place which is not going to annoy the residents. This is especially important in the summer. It is a tourist hot spot.

2. Ride west out of the village to Brootes Lane on your left. Take this lane up the hill. It’s going hurt, but suck it in as you’ll love the top.

3. Fast descent down into Darnbrook House and bridge with a couple of tight corners just before the house.

4. Continue along and you’ll come out at Malham Tarn. Keep right at the next couple of junctions. You may want to stop at the tarn and have a rest after your climb out of Littondale. In the warmer months a van parks nearby selling ice creams etc.

6. Keep on Henside Lane lane until you come to a T junction. Turn right at this junction.

7. You are now on Silverdale Road and will have the unmistakable sight of Pen-y-ghent on the left. This impressive sight will continue to loom closer until its south eastern slopes are on your left.

8. Climbing from around 320m to 420m you will reach a cattle grid. Continue over. The highest point is around 430m. Fast descent into Halton Gill as this picture will whet your appetite.

9. Once at the junction in Halton Gill turn right and follow the lane back down through Littondale. This is a gentle descent through Litton Village

10. Now you have a choice of watering hole. The Queens Arms Inn in Litton or you could bat on back into Arncliffe which isn’t too far away.

11. Continue down the flat valley floor following the river Skirfare and once back at Arncliffe cross over the bridge and head back to your car.

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