Newlands & Honister

Route Information

Stats:  17.5 miles and 2514 feet of ascent

OS Map:


Good pubs at Buttermere (The Fish and The Bridge) and the Grange Bridge Cottage Cafe have fed me well every time I’ve called in.


Two good, 800′ pulls to get your legs pumping but, remember, this is just an incidental loop on the Fred Whitton challenge…
Regardless of the physical challenge, this is a tour through some of the most beautiful scenery this country has to offer.


1. There are good signposts to Buttermere and Newlands Pass dotted around the Newlands valley so don’t worry if you take the wrong turn – you’ll still get there. It’s a good, steady pull up Keskadale, with the imposing dome of Robinson overhead with its characteristic waterfall.

2. Check your brakes are in A1 condition before committing to the fast descent into Buttermere.

3. Turn left at the bottom (by the tiny church) and follow the B-road along the lake shore and past Gatesgarth Farm for the second big pull up onto Honister Hause.

4. Descend into Seatoller, being wary of potholes, and follow the Borrowdale road down the valley until the left turn to Grange, over the distinctive double-arched bridge.

5. Follow the minor road skirting the western shore of Derwentwater, flanking Catbells’ slopes.

6. Loop round the end of Catbells and, where the road zags hard right, go left and follow the narrow lane back to Stair.
Now you can head back to your accommodation at Keswick and plan the ride for tomorrow.

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