Nutwith Woods

Route Information

Stats: 5.7 miles

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A jaunt in the woods that will leave you thirsty for more. Try a few laps of this, or join it up with the Grewelthorpe night loop and head over the moors.


1. Ride out onto the road and turn left then immediately right into Nutwith Woods. Go along the track until you reach the timber store area and take the track left. After about 300 metres, turn right steeply through the trees on the technical singletrack. Follow this directly across the next fire road.

2. As the singletrack joins the fire road turn left onto the fire road and head upwards. At the top of this fire road turn right into the trees next to the pile of trees. Follow the singletrack as it weaves through back to the fire road. Ride along and down the fire road for approximately 100 metres before re-joining singletrack into the trees to your left. Follow the track. re-enter fire road and take the next right to join the fire road back uphill. At the log store (same as earlier) take the right track and head along for 500 metres before a gap in the trees to the left leads to flowing singletrack. Follow this to the top of the woods.

3. At the gate onto the road, take the road left for approximately 400 metres before a gap in the trees to the left shows a hidden track. Follow this through fir trees until it falls sharply left and heads downhill. Simply follow this line on fast singletrack all the way to the bottom.

4. At the fire road turn right either pedal along the road back to the car, or alternatively, go right onto the uphill fire road back towards the log store junction, but do not go all the way to the junction. Approximately 30 metres before the junction, singletrack opens up on the left. Follow this until it leads down and back to the first road and gate. Back onto the road and into the car park – enjoy!
Route extension:

To extend the ride: 3b. Turn right instead of left. At the junctions go left. Take the bridleway at Blackhill House with a fast descent along a tree lined green lane. Follow this to its conclusion. At the farm by the lane, take the steep track to the right which descends to a ford. Follow this as it twists and turns on rough tracks.

This meets the narrow road, head straight ahead and joins the track across the moor as the road turns sharp left. Climb on the technical track with difficult rock steps through the gate where, after about 1 mile, a track to the right speeds you downhill with exhilaration.

As this track meets the road at Ilton, follow the road back to the top of Nutwith Woods and re-join the route above.

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