Route Information

Stats: 9.5 miles and 1160 feet of ascent

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Nothing on the ride, though it could be extended north-eastwards to include the Grizedale Forest Centre.

Start: Just north of High Nibthwaite, there’s parking at Crab Haws, SD296908. Don’t try to park in the village itself because there’s no space but there are warning signs erected by justifiably disgruntled residents.


Great. Just great. It’s only short, so we’ve dropped it in with the easy rides but that has to be taken with a huge pinch of salt – nowhere in the Lakes counts as properly easy.
It packs in a huge amount – a big, beefy climb, some peerless cruising and the odd bit of spooky forest. Rest assured we’ll write up a longer loop (not necessarily P-shaped) that includes the Parkamoor byway.


1 Ride south on the road into the village. The Parkamoor byway heads up from the Victorian postbox.

2. Head north, up a series of increasingly thought-provoking climbs, to a grand terrace with superb views over Coniston to Dow Crag and the Old Man.

3. At the signpost in the picture, fork left, dropping to a stream and climbing past the lonely dwelling of Low Parkamoor.

4. Enter the trees on singletrack that soon meets a big fire road. Turn right here.

5. Make a fast descent, swooping down to the old double bridge at Farra Grain Gill (SD321925)

6. Look for the blue post on the right with a singletrack bridleway heading west. At the time of writing (May 2012), this includes a triple treefall that looks like something set up to trap Indiana Jones. Cross a couple of fire roads before regaining Bethecar Moor and the signpost.

7. The ‘series of increasingly thought-provoking climbs’ now makes a riotous descent. Enjoy.

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